Zoë Kravitz: From a luxurious $150,000 SUV to this…

Zoë Kravitz, one of the great actresses in the Hollywood industry, has a luxurious SUV that is on everyone’s lips. However, another outstanding specimen of hers is part of her showcase that caused a sensation among her fans. We show you…

Zoe Kravitz It continues to cause fury on the networks. Following her performance in the new Batman movie, and her breakout role as Catwoman, she became the talk of the town. However, the actress does not miss an opportunity to take a bite, expressing some criticism and forceful messages, mentioning some events that have occurred at the Oscars.

However, Zoë shines with her presence and her elegant garage. His luxurious SUV takes all eyes and is on everyone’s lips. One of the trucks most frequented by the young woman, who does not hesitate to show it off as one of her favorites in her repertoire. Their Range Rover Autobiography Dynamic It is a beautiful staging that accompanies the actress to her important events.

In terms of technical aspects, it is a model that has a V8 engine and reaches a top speed of 210 km/h. Also, this amazing off-roader It gives off a power of 565 CV. An exclusive, refined and luxurious design that is painted on Lenny Kravitz’s daughter. It is estimated that its market value is around $250,000, in its cheapest versions.

Nevertheless, another of his particular copies of his collection caught the attention and caused a sensation among his fans. A new copy that adds an unforgettable experience behind the wheel for the American. We refer to her powerful Catcycle, a motorcycle that was intended as the key piece to combat evil.

In the role of Catwoman, Zoë drove at full speed in a BMW R Nine T customized especially for the film Batman. A model that allows us to appreciate the beauty of German engineering and gives off a maximum power of 109 hp at 7,250 rpm. In addition, a detail that is not minor is that this design has LED light technology, USB ports and an LCD screen. Its value can be around 20,000 dollars, in its cheapest versions. What a toy our Catwoman is!

Zoë Kravitz Range Rover and Motorcycle Photo Gallery:

Zoë Kravitz with her Range Rover SUV.

Zoë Kravitz on her motorcycle.

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