Zoë Kravitz, interviews the woman who lives by her rules

zoe kravitz

Loewe cape and culotte, Ellen Christine Couture headdress and Bea Bongiasca rings. For flawless, healthy skin, Zoe wears YSL Beauty’s ‘All Hours Foundation SPF 20’ sun protection foundation.

Zoey Grossman

I never thought that Zoë Kravitz (USA, 1988) – daughter of iconic rock star Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet– was so willing to talk about herself. And less now, which is her great moment. “When I was 20 years old I was ashamed to be recognized by my last name,” he reveals. People took it for granted that if I got a job it was because of the plug, and that ended up affecting me. I’m not going to pretend that it didn’t help me at the beginning, but this race is tough. Since I was a child, I performed at my grandparents’ house, and this has nothing to do with who my family was. Simply, I have always been seduced by the art world.

As he has matured, he has confirmed that in front of a camera he feels like a fish in water. “I have proven to myself that I am in this industry in my own right,” she adds. And now I’m proud of where I come from. When people ask me about my parents, I no longer avoid talking about them. In fact, they are amazing.” This way of looking at things is very Kravitz: authentic and direct, even though he’s still trying to figure out who he is.

He arrives at the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel, where the interview takes place, wearing a gray T-shirt, jeans blacks, one blazer oversized and platform sandals. She barely wears any makeup, except for a touch of bronze eyeshadow, and she sports thin braids that hang over her shoulders. In hand, a bag hobo from Saint Laurent, a firm with which she has been collaborating since 2017 as an ambassador for YSL Beauty. “I love this brand, because I feel very in touch with my masculine side, and that has always been allowed here.”

zoe kravitz

Saint Laurent jumpsuit by Anthony Vaccarello. The bitten lip effect has been achieved with the stick ‘Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Sheer Matte’ in shade ‘Natural Pink’, from YSL Beauty

Zoey Grossman

It’s been seven years since we last chatted, but it’s just as I remember it, with a fast-paced conversation when something excites him. “Is that Larry David?” he blurts out while looking at a diner next to our table. “It looks similar, but I’m not sure. I’m dying, I’m obsessed with him! She is still impetuous, but over the years she has softened. And now there is more sand behind her beautiful brown eyes. In 2019, she married actor Karl Glusman at her father’s Parisian home. Eighteen months later she filed for divorce. And while that loving chapter was closing, his career was beginning to take off. She had excelled with secondary roles in blockbusters such as X Men First generation, Divergent and Mad Max: Fury Road. But If something catapulted her to success, it was her role in the series Big Little Liesin which he shared a plane with Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. AND his portrayal of Rob in High Fidelity certified her quality as an actress, and not only that, since in addition to being the protagonist, she was one of its screenwriters and executive producers. But the series was suspended after the first season. “I thought it was a mistake to shelve it. I received many letters, messages and comments from people who identified with what we had,” he says between sips of Aperol Spritz.

«Before I was ashamed to be known by my last name»

Despite that setback, his career has not slowed down. The movie just released batmanwhere she plays Selina Kyle (Catwoman). When her representative called her to tell her about this casting in 2019, she remembers saying to herself: “Okay, don’t get excited yet.” One thing I learned as a child is that when you get attached to something and you don’t get it, then it becomes more difficult for you to overcome it. So my instinct is always to think, ‘This is not for you. During the audition, her nerves added to her skepticism. But at the end, Matt Reeves, the director, simply sentenced: “You are the person”. The filmmaker later noted that he never saw her insecure on set: “He has instinct. She is smart, funny, honest and very creative ». Put on those iconic boots from cat woman it was crazy, according to Kravitz. “The amount of fans that follow this character is incredible. When it was announced that he was going to participate, I received more calls than on my birthday ».

Shortly after they started filming batmanfilming was halted due to the pandemic and Zoë was stranded in London for three months, away from her husband and dog. “My life changed after that. It was a gift to spend time with myself.” notes Kravitz, who divorced Glusman last August. I ask her if she reflected on certain aspects of the couple during her isolation. “I don’t want to get into that. Karl is an amazing human being. The divorce had less to do with him than with me. I learned to ask myself questions about who I am and I’m still in that process.

«I still want to live adventures, go on a spree and end up seeing the sunrise»

Now in her thirties, she finds herself “at its optimum point”, relieved to have left the twenties behind. “I never want to go back. It was a disaster,” he admits. Back then I didn’t make decisions based on what felt right to me, but now I just do what I really want.” Leaving Instagram at the end of 2021 was one of those necessary changes after the trolls she was gunned down for the see-through metallic mesh Saint Laurent dress she wore to the Met gala. “Feeling uncomfortable looking at the human body is Martian. I don’t get it, it’s just a body. And we all have it.” Kravitz responded to a reporter. «There are people who think they can say anything to celebrities, they don’t consider them people. It’s crazy.” Almost a week after the event, he deleted all his posts. “I shouldn’t have to question myself if I was wrong dressing like that. If now I start to be afraid of what others may say or think, I am betraying my work as an artist, not experimenting. I’m not walking on eggshells. To hell with that.”

zoe kravitz

Top and pants by Richard Quinn, earrings by Bea Bongiasca and rings by Marie-Hélène de Taillac. Using YSL Beauty’s ‘Touche Éclat All-Over Brightening’ highlighter, applied with your finger to each cheekbone, a natural, rejuvenating glow has been achieved.

Zoey Grossman

Kravitz is also not swayed when it comes to his more personal interests. She is determined to follow her own life calendar, and this is inspiring and courageous, especially when they insist on reminding us of our biological clock. “It seems like we’re barely out of adolescence, and then one fine day you find your gynecologist asking if you want to freeze your eggs. When it happened to me, I hadn’t even thought about it. It is as if from the age of 30 you have to think about starting a family, stop having fun and make roast chickens. It crossed my mind for a second, but I don’t buy that speech. I still want to go on adventures, go on a spree and end up seeing the sunrise. I hope to still have that spirit of exploration in my 70s. The goal of being alive is just that, to experience life and play with it.

And that is something that he has put into practice since he was young. In fact, his desire to live capriciously was the trigger for his move from New York to Miami when he was 15 years old. “I was put into a private school that had a bunch of rich white kids who were partying on their boats. There I took drugs and listened to the Beatles »,
He remembers his time in Florida, where he lived with his father after spending most of his childhood with his mother in California. “I felt isolated. I just wanted to be around artists, so I told my father I wanted to get out of there because he wasn’t happy. In New York I found my people, with whom I continue to maintain a good friendship. We hung out in Central Park, smoking weed and playing acoustic guitar. It was an artistic community.” he states before naming Donald Glover, Ramy Youssef and Alicia Keys as his closest confidants. “We talked about understanding the value of being women,” Keys reveals of her conversations with Kravitz. We remind ourselves that we are special, powerful and important. She is the embodiment of creative freedom. Everything she does is natural, pure ».

zoe kravitz

Schiaparelli decorated swimsuit and Cartier ring. To enhance the strength of his gaze, he has used the mascara ‘Lash Clash Mascara’, from YSL Beauty, which provides extra volume, length and density.

Zoey Grossman

«During confinement I learned to ask myself questions about who I am and what I want»

Now Zoë is recording her next solo album. “I feel vulnerable and it scares me a little, but making music makes me happy”, comments on the demo, packed with themes exploring love and loss. Your movie Pussy Islandacquired by MGM, who spent five years writing with his friend ET Feigenbaum, is also bringing him much joy. “I wanted to address the lack of conversation that exists about the way women are treated in the entertainment industry. I started writing it before Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo, so after that I had to change the script. It became more of a power struggle and what that means. I rewrote it a million times.” The film, which will shoot this summer, marks Kravitz’s directorial debut. “I have moments when I get very nervous,” she admits. But I know the story very well and I try to think less about “Am I going to do a good job?” and more in “What is my intention?” In the movie, channing tatum plays the protagonist. “I didn’t know him, but I thought he was brave enough to take on the role. I don’t think he’s ever played someone dark. I’m looking forward to seeing it.” points out. When I refer to the ear-to-ear grin she gets when we talk about Tatum, she says out of the blue: “I’m happy”. He will not comment further on the dating rumors about them. Across the restaurant, Kravitz sees a couple dressed in black, wearing large black top hats. They stand out among all the diners for their peculiar attire, and more in the midst of the refined decoration art deco of the premises. «Look, they don’t care about the comments, they do what they want. Well, that’s how I want to live.”

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