Zoe Saldaña reveals why her husband adopted her last name

As part of the film’s media tour “Avatar 2 (The Way of Water)”actress of Dominican origin Zoe Saldana was invited to the Univision program, First impactwhere she revealed the reasons why her husband, the painter Marco Perego Saldanabears his last name.

Saldaña explained that, in 2015, after two years of getting married during the summer of 2013, her partner made that decision for himself, an action that made her feel “very proud of him because my last name is something that identifies me a lot as a person ”.

The protagonist of productions such as “Colombian”, “Avatar” Y “From Scratch” She said that for Perego Saldaña, who was born in Italy, it was important to break with tradition, since for her getting married “is the happiest moment of your life” and at the same time “the death of an identity.”

“I didn’t do anything, it’s a decision he made,” he said. “That shouldn’t be, it should always be a decision, but not a requirement,” she added.

The superheroine of Marvel married in a secret ceremony in England attended by only a few friends and family members, according to Saldaña’s account. Jimmy Kimmel.

Regarding the refusal to make their wedding public, Saldaña said: “I love what I do, but I like my personal life more. Over the years I realized that the only way to keep your sanity is to protect what you love most, which is your life and everyone who is part of it, ”he told Ocean Drive magazine..

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