Zoe Saldana shares the Chanel garment that every elegant woman should own

Zoe Saldana continues its high-profile (and busy) year. After opening avatar 2 in December last year and star in our cover for Vogue Mexico and Latin America, the actress continues to promote her projects. This time, we met during fashion week in Paris for Chanel’s Fall-Winter show, and we had the opportunity to talk about our impressions of the collection and the trending pieces for the following season.

And it is that, either in the cinema or in fashion, Zoe Saldana stands out for her impeccable taste. For the presentation of the Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2023 collectionwore an incredible jumpsuit and tweed coat for the show, which was a tribute to the camellia, the iconic flower of the house. The presentation was held at the Grand Palais Éphémère to give way to designs with a sixties air.

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Zoe, what are your first impressions of the collection?

‘I like it when a collection has pieces that, in effect, are meant to be worn. That you see yourself putting on each accessory, each dress, each jacket. I’ve always been a huge fan of chanel jacketsmainly the square ones because they remind me a lot of my grandmother who always dreamed of Chanel and I feel closer to it every time I remember the brand’, says the actress. ‘Thanks to her, I know fashion houses from a historical perspective, because it wasn’t just what you could wear, it was not knowing who Coco Chanel was, what her life was like, how she could start her career. business. My grandmother always taught us all those things.’

Courtesy of CHANEL.

Zoë Saldana.

Do you have a favorite look or have you loved something in particular?

‘I liked that Virginie [Viard] he incorporated many pink colors, it is something that gives a house that is so old, so sophisticated, a lot of youth, but it gives it a kind of childhood that makes you feel good and that was what I liked the most. I think that sometimes we don’t pay much attention to accessories and Chanel is the champion in that regard; from the hair accessory to the jewelry, and of course, the bags, boots and vests, are very, very important.’

In addition, the camellias that he incorporated into the entire collection…

“The camellia is the most beautiful flower, when you see a camellia, you think of Chanel, and I think that by giving the flower different colors, Virginie Viard presented a very fresh look.”

What is the iconic piece that should not be missing in your wardrobe?

‘For me it’s one of the boxy jackets that Coco Chanel highlighted. That you can wear it with pants, with a skirt, with jeans, with leggings, it’s that square vest with the universal buttons that remind me of my childhood. I remember that my grandmother had several and she always loved me when she put them on.

Courtesy of CHANEL.

Zoe Saldana shares what she thinks about Chanel’s new bet.

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