Zooey Deschanel looks totally different without bangs

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Zooey Deschanel She is a great actress who we remember for her role as Summer in “500 days with her” in 2009. She is super identifiable by her open bangs with which we also saw her in “New Girl” and other successful productions.; however, when we have seen it without it, we have not recognized it!

How does Zooey Deschanel look without bangs?

Zooey Deschanel has confessed in some interviews that she has used bangs to frame her face since she was little, so she is very used to wearing it that way. “I’ve had bangs for most of my life ever since a stylist cut it off when I was a kid,” mentioned for Glamor magazine.

Since her beginnings as an actress we had not seen her with a different look until a MET Gala where she arrived on the red carpet with her bangs on one side, surprising those present. Of course, social networks were filled with comments about it, since many say they did not recognize it upon arrival, and it is that it looks very different!

On digital platforms they mentioned that some of the media ignored her because they did not recognize her, they even made memes and images that claimed she has no forehead and looks like Superman. In response to the comments, the actress posted a photo on her Instagram account without bangs and wrote “For all those who doubt” gaining thousands of interactions.

It has always been associated with a physical resemblance to Katy Perry and it is that both in their beginnings had black hair, bangs and light eyes; they really are very similar. then the wife of Orlando Bloom He changed his look and he doesn’t look so much anymore.

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