Zooey Deschanel “plays” Katy Perry in the new video of the pop star

A likeness will save the world. And so, taking for granted the theory that it would be equal to Zooey Deschanel, the protagonist of the series New Girl, Katy Perry plays and make a video, Not the End of the World, in which she is mistaken for the actress. On board a spaceship not too far from Earth, in fact, a group of aliens kidnap Zooey believing her to be Katy and forcing her to try on costumes and props from the era of Teenage Dream: which she agrees to do in the hopes that the invaders will desist from their plan to annihilate the world.

The result is, as always when it comes to Katy Perry, joyful and colorful, enriched by the complicity of Deschanel who is more than amused by the comparison that the media have always made between her and the pop star from a physical point of view. Always passionate about astrology, Perry appears to have intentionally scheduled the video to coincide with Monday’s “big conjunction”, the one that sees Jupiter and Saturn close to Aquarius, never as close as in the last 400 years.

Not the End of the World is taken from Perry’s fifth studio album, Smile, released at the end of the summer and anticipated by the singles Smile, Daisies And Never Really Over. In the weeks following the release, Perry shared new videos for seven of his twelve songs in what he called The Smile Video Series, each with a well-defined style and with its own animation technique. Following the series, Katy released the video for Teary Eyes, composed of several behind-the-scenes footage, and a video of the remix of Resilient. This year was very special for the pop star since the release of the album was preceded by the birth of her first daughter, Daisy Dove, had with her partner Orlando Bloom, a pink bow celebrated with great enthusiasm by the singer’s fans (including the aliens of Not the End of the World).


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom together watching the stars

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