10 reasons why a Democrat would choose Trump

A disaster of biblical proportions. The debate between Biden and Trump was conceived as a maneuver to strengthen the president and dispel doubts about his competence, and the reaction of the world press has been almost unanimous. A catastrophe. Biden was confused, lostHesitated, got a lot of the figures wrong, and even said that “after all, we beat Medicare.”

What the Democratic Party is doing to Biden is inhumane. The president does not deserve such humiliation just because the party is unable to find a relatively decent candidate. They thought that only the president’s presence and a well-studied script would be enough to stop Trump’s steamroller. And they failed.

Interestingly, the press is focusing on this Trump lied in the debate. To my knowledge, Biden’s lies were shocking. the world’s fastest growing economy It’s a lie that reminds us of a future president.He lied when he said big companies and billionaires pay 1-2% in taxes, and he also mixed up all the employment figures.

The hostility towards Trump in traditional European media and parties is notorious. There are no parties in Europe that clearly identify with Republican candidates and there is generally more support for Democrats. It is true that Trump is a polarizing figure, but I still remember with surprise the cruel things that were said in Europe about Reagan or the two Bushes.

Those European media you read probably won’t understand why over seventy-four million people voted for Trump, because the news you get will make you think it’s impossible.

Let me give you ten possible reasons why a traditional Democratic voter would vote for Trump:

1. The Democratic Party has stopped being liberal, if it even was. In Obama’s second term, and especially after Hillary Clinton’s defeat against Trump, the Democratic Party began to buy the damaged goods of socialism without regret. It was no longer just about being a social democratic party defending economic freedom, but about attacking free enterprise, going against the free market and defending the worst fiscal policies, encouraged by the noise generated by neo-Marxist activists in universities and parts of the academy, who saw an opportunity to apply interventionism against a party that was losing the liberal context. Biden, the historical defender of the liberal center, but now aged and weakened, created the perfect opportunity to pursue the social engineering that cultural Marxism prefers.

2. The Democratic Party went from defending Israel and Western values ​​to embracing equivalence between anti-Semitism and libertarian theocracies who spread hatred towards the United States and the only democracy in the Middle East. Sadly, the Democratic Party has been a supporter of the wave of anti-Semitism that has taken over the world’s most prestigious universities, either through inaction or support for radical activist groups.

3. The Democratic Party has not only defended it but also spread it The unusual concept of “woke” ideology, Inciting to cancel and veto dissent and attacking the very foundations of liberal democracy, freedom of expression and the family. Social engineering, the destruction of identity and authoritarian and identitarian ideology that turns free individuals into chess pieces in a predetermined collectivism, stifling a society that prides itself on being free and open and already stifling comedians. Imposition, censorship and intimidation imposed by the sect of the new investigation of single thought.

4. Inflationary policy has stifled the middle class and small businesses. Unjustified so-called expansionary policy has led the United States to inflation levels that have stifled families, the deficit and taxes have skyrocketed. The tax wedge for Americans has risen by double digits, real wages have stagnated due to the inflation tax and Biden leaves behind an uneconomic deficit of nearly two trillion dollars, an unprecedented debt and record tax revenues in good times.

5. Biden has left a large section of the population poor amid recovery. Biden arrived in January 2021 with the recovery in full swing. He did not have to deal with lockdowns or the economic impact of the pandemic. The United States recovered faster and better than Europe, despite not using the same obscene levels of European spending, and Biden arrived with an already spectacularly rebounding economy. GDP fell less in 2020 and recovered quickly. Biden has all the adverse effects of a post-Covid recovery, a fiscal impulse and a massive monetary stimulus and yet, debt is at historic highs, taxes have risen, the employment-to-population ratio has not returned to pre-Covid levels and neither has the labor participation ratio and on top of this citizens suffer from inflation generated by monetary and fiscal excesses. Unemployment is very low, but full-time employment has been stagnant for twelve months. Real wages grow below 1% annually during his tenure, roughly a third of the previous period. According to the Tax Foundation, credit card debt has risen to a record level and families are suffering from inflationary taxes and tax hikes, which fall largely on the middle class (as always under socialism).

6. Biden has criticized Trump’s foreign policy and done worse. It’s not just his lack of commitment to freedom and Israel, or his weak position on Iran. It’s that Biden spent years attacking Trump’s so-called “trade war” and has intensified it.

7. A policy regarding illegal immigration that pleases no one.It is interesting to watch Biden present himself as the toughest man against illegal immigration when he debates with Trump and at the same time watch him and his vice president defend the opposite.

8. The failure of the Vice President. The Kamala Harris effect has been one of the greatest failures of the Democratic machine. The vice president’s popularity ratings are terrible, and even lower among the African-American community. A track record of coercive tactics and unfortunate interventions that force Biden to remain the candidate despite his obvious problems also hampers the emergence of an exciting alternative. The fact that the alternatives to Biden and Harris are even more woke and more socialist is troubling.

9. The opioid crisis. Traveling to the United States and seeing the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other Democratic strongholds filled with living corpses, misery, crime and drug addiction shows how socialist policies can sink even a paradise like California. Policies matter and if one of Biden and Harris’ choices is Gavin Newsom, who has pushed California into a wasteland, imagine what he would do as president.

10. Policy focused on the agenda of billionaires forgetting the problems of the middle class. Attacking the energy independence of the United States, prioritizing policies imposed by billionaires who love social engineering, and forgetting about the middle class and SMEs is a continuity among the global socialism of the last two decades. Put social engineering and direism before prosperity and freedom.

You would think that these ten points aren’t that important in the face of a potential second term for Trump, but Millions of Americans don’t remember the Trump you read about, but the Trump who achieved the lowest unemployment ever The largest increase in real wages in decades among African Americans and Latinos (speaking in nominal terms only happens to a socialist).

You would think soTrade war is a risk, but Biden hasn’t stopped, he’s intensified that war. You would think that foreign policy is a risk, but ignoring the threat from Iran and giving up the fight for the values ​​of freedom is already a clear risk. Trump is not perfect, of course, but there is something they don’t tell him. Trump is a consequence, not a cause. Trump is the result of the attack on personal liberty, freedom of expression, economic freedom and all the things that have made the United States the most envied country in the world.

You might think these ten points aren’t that important Like other political and personal factors of Trump that the press or consensus does not like, But, my dear friends, this is a luxury for the rich. Most Americans cannot tolerate the priorities that some intellectuals impose. They have to start their own businesses and pay their family bills. And they want a free country with all its consequences, not a testing ground for social engineering.

The United States was not built to please academics and bureaucrats, but to protect citizens from government excesses. If the Democratic Party had unapologetically defended the values ​​of economic freedom and expression and a facilitative government, they would not have come to the disaster we saw live on Thursday night.

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