13 Reasons Why: these are the attacks that the cast has received for their characters


One of the most successful series of Netflix it was definitely “13 Reasons Why” either “For thirteen reasons”, which gave a lot to talk about because of the topics he talked about about young people suffering from mental health problems, bullying, abuse and even suicide. But not only did it stay there, but the actors also had to deal with some things while filming this series.

Much of the cast began to receive attacks on social networks and they have had to face it despite the fact that the series ended in 2020 and since it premiered in 2017, many of the viewers did not know how to differentiate between the character and the actor, so they took seriously what It happened in the series.

The protagonists of 13 Reasons Why. IG @13reasonswhy

Let’s remember that the actress katherine langford She played the protagonist Hannah Baker who sends audiotapes to people who affected her life and who ended her life as a consequence. This story is also narrated by the hand of Dylan Minette who gave life to Clay Jensen and is the one who receives the box with the tapes that tell about 13 people who led her to death.

Now, we will tell you a little more about what some of the actors experienced after filming this beloved but controversial series that is based on the book by Jay Asher.

Who were the 13 Reasons Why actors who received attacks?

It should be noted that most of those who participated in this show were very young or some of them were barely over 20 years old, but despite this, people did not hold back and commented in a way negative about their work or characters without differentiating between the reality and fiction.

One of the actors affected by public comments regarding his character was Timothy Grenadiers who plays Montogomery “Monty” de la Cruz, who appears in the first two seasons and who beats up and bullies Tyler Down, who is played by Devin Druid.

“It’s hard to see you as a good person after what you did to Tyler,” was one of the comments left to the actor.

Timothy Grenadiers. GettyImages

Faced with these attacks, the actor decided to break the silence and spoke understanding why people might be upset with him, since he assures that what is seen on the screen is not easy at all, much less about his character. “My character in @13reasonswhy might incite some strong emotions, that’s more than fair. But let’s not use this post to affirm hate, but spread love.”

“Scary some of these tweets and being hated on!” he wrote.

Likewise, the actress Grace Saiif, she had to shut down her Instagram account for a while in 2019 after her character, Ani Achola, received a negative response from the public and asked fans to be more compassionate towards her fellow cast members.

“One of the prominent themes on our show is taking care of each other. I’ve seen some pretty nasty things being said online, regarding the introduction of a new character. You’re all passionate and we love you for it, but please Please try to be nice and respect the work of the talented actress/actor behind the character.”

Grace Seif. IG @grace.saif

Both actors tried to make the viewers understand that it is only a performance and a fictional story, so they shouldn’t have such cruel comments against their work.


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