16.7% positivity rate. Towards a new ordinance for extension of the obligation to wear masks indoors

The latest news in real time on Covid in Italy and in the world updates today, Sunday 24 April 2022. In yesterday’s bulletin of the Ministry of Health, another 70,520 cases and 143 deaths, positive rate at 16.7%. Intensive care and ordinary hospitalizations are decreasing. According to the latest ISS data, almost 360 thousand reinfections have been reported since August 2021, equal to 3.2% of the total number of infections. Towards an extension of the obligation to wear a mask indoors also in May: a new ordinance of Hope awaited next week.

Worldwide 509,200,543 cases and 6,217,054 deaths. Omicron emergency in China, another 12 dead in Shanghai.

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Bassetti on lockdown in Shanghai: “Unprecedented health dictatorship, help the Italians there”

“While the attention of our media is almost solely devoted to what is happening in Ukraine, on the other side of the world, in China, human and health rights are being trampled on every day by a failed strategy and without any possibility of working. The strategy of reaching 0 Covid cases. Some of our fellow citizens imprisoned in Shanghai say they had an hour and a half to take to the street from the twentieth floor and go to stock up. Then they were locked up again at home. “This is what the Genoese infectious disease specialist wrote on Facebook Matteo Bassetti on the lockdown in Shanghai. With reference to the videos shared by the Italians in the Chinese city, he concluded: “In the videos broadcasting from Shanghai you can hear screams coming from the windows, requests for help from people who no longer have the resources to resist. Faced with all this, the West is guilty silent also leaving our compatriots who are there at the mercy of a real one dictatorship sanitary Without precedents. The world medical and scientific community should shout out loud that this is not science, nor is it evidence medicine. If Chinese doctors approve of these behaviors, they demonstrate subjection to political authoritarianism and an unbridgeable distance from science and its certainties “.

Covid in Veneto, almost 5 thousand cases and 4 deaths in the last 24 hours

In Veneto, the Covid-19 pandemic is confirmed in remission. In fact, in the last 24 hours there were 4891 cases and “only “4 deaths, for a total of 14,392 victims since the beginning of the health emergency. The data also show the drop in current positives down by 631 units, as well as patients in the medical area (-7) and those in intensive care (-1) 34 (-1). The vaccinations carried out yesterday were 3,088, of which 2,713 were third doses.

No more indoor masks in Israel after 2 years

For the first time in two years, in Israel the masks indoors, with some exceptions. As announced in recent days by the premier, Naftali Bennett, and by the minister of health, Nitzan Horowitz, since last night the provision has entered into force on the basis of the dramatic decline in Covid infections in the country. According to data from the ministry, on Saturday there were 4,054 cases: the lowest number in 4 months and even serious cases in hospitals fell to 221. The R factor is at 0.78. The exceptions to the obligation to wear a mask indoors concern hospitals, homes for the elderly and flights. There also remains the buffer for travelers upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, with quarantine until the negative result of the assessment.

Masks indoors, the government decides to extend the obligation also in May

Next week, according to what is learned from parliamentary sources, an order from Minister Speranza will arrive which will extend the obligation to wear the mask indoors also in May, but not everywhere.

The news on Covid-19 today, Sunday 24 April

The Covid-19 emergency continues in Italy and in the world. In our country, 70,520 cases (+ 10.5% in 7 days) and 143 deaths have been registered in the last 24 hours according to the bulletin of the Ministry of Health. The rate of positivity it is stable at 16.72%. The number of hospitalized patients is slightly down, while intensive care is stable. Here is the detail Region by Region:

  • Lombardy: +8.516
  • Veneto: +6.984
  • Campania: +8.161
  • Emilia Romagna: +5.009
  • Lazio: +7.071
  • Piedmont: +3.951
  • Tuscany: +4.270
  • Sicily: +4.944
  • Puglia: + 6.109
  • Liguria: +1.600
  • Brands: + 2.063
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +1.188
  • Abruzzo: +2.660
  • Calabria: +2.362
  • Umbria: +1.474
  • PA Bolzano: +353
  • Sardinia: +1.875
  • PA Trento: +423
  • Basilicata: +914
  • Molise: +498
  • Aosta Valley: +110

According to the latest ISS data, almost 360,000 cases of reinfectionequal to 3.2% of the total number of infections and with the booster of vaccine mortality is 10 times lower than in no vax. Hepatitis of unknown origin in children, the Ministry of Health clarifies: “No link with the anti-Covid vaccine”. Towards a new ordinance by Minister Speranza for the extension of the obligation to masks indoors also in May.

In the world 509,200,543 infections and 6,217,054 deaths. Another Omicron emergency in China: another 12 dead in Shanghai.

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