20 beautiful things to do, listen and read in December 2021

December, the last month of the year, deserves to be filled with good memories, to end with a flourish and to start 2022 with all the energy needed to face the news. So we have thought of collecting for you some ideas of beautiful things to do, listen, read and watch. We searched among the latest releases in bookstores, among the most anticipated films in theaters, among the most interesting temporary exhibitions, among the online courses starting and also among special gift ideas, which with the approach of the Christmas they are always handy. Our advice they speak of green, gender identity and issues, diversity, oceans, rivers and forests, art and poetry. This is our way to wish you a happy ending to this year, filling it with beauty.

There are many films to see, books to read and podcasts to listen to this December © Alisa Anton / Unsplash

Before starting with the beautiful things of December you need a play on soundtrack right. To help you in the selection, we have collected for you what, in our opinion, were the memorable songs of this 2021. Not the best or the worst but those that, for sure, represent us and that deserve to be listened to in loop between now and New Year and beyond. Headphones in your ears and off you go.

In these years Paolo Cognetti she taught us to listen to nature, to recognize ourselves in those who live there, to challenge it when needed and to take time as only she can. In The eight mountains (Einaudi), who earned him the Premio Strega in 2017, wrote: “Whatever fate is, it lives in the mountains that we have above our heads”. With his latest book The happiness of the wolf (Einaudi), Cognetti returns to a dimension of nature that welcomes our fears, supports our research and pampers our fears, giving a second chance even to already adult lives. The space is still that of the mountains, where the author has chosen to live even outside his pages. “Fausto took refuge in the mountains because he wanted to disappear, Silvia is looking for something of herself to then leave for who knows where”. Enjoy the reading.

In a world of “paper newspapers are disappearing”, Il Post with Hyperborea returns to the bookstore with the second “episode” of THINGS Explain well, “A magazine made in the form of a book, or a book that will behave like a magazine”. Each release addresses a different theme and goes all the way. The first issue was about books. The second, released a few weeks ago, is dedicated to gender issues. Inside there is a glossary (which summarizes the complexity of giving names to an entity as multifaceted as identity), many useful insights to understand the plurality of the world we live in, some data on gender issues and interventions by people who dedicate themselves every day to study and tell them. Among them Diego Passoni, Ugly Comics, Arianna Cavallo, Vera Gheno, Gianmarco Negri and Massimo Prearo.

Emily Dickinson, one of the most beloved American poet ever, was a great lover of nature. He often gave his loved ones bouquets of fresh flowers and inserted dried flowers in his letters, as he did when he was a child. In the house in Amherst, Massachusetts, where the writer spent most of her time, she had a small winter garden that she took care of every day, unique, or almost, hinted at the outside world. In Emily Dickinson and her gardens, Marta McDowell collects the plants that surrounded the poet, to demonstrate in black and white (and other colors) how nature knows how to inspire and create.

If you are a lover of Zerocalcare this is your moment: in the list of his new releases there is the series Netflix Tear off along the edges, the fresh audiobook of Storytel Kobane Calling and now also Nothing new on the Rebibbia front, a book that collects stories from the last year that tell the pandemic, the condition of the detainees, territorial health, the “cancel culture”, the life of the Ezidi in Iraq and even some personal reflections, with the usual sincere irony that comes straight straight in the middle of the belly.

Among the latest creatures of Hyperborea, Besides Issues of a certain kind, there is also The soul of the cities, a story dedicated to some of the most fascinating cities in the world designed by those who lived them, really lived them. “Satie’s Paris, Mahler’s Amsterdam, Morandi’s Bologna, Eva Mameli Calvino’s Cagliari and many others. Stories, artist’s portraits, reportage, in a sentimental metropolitan flâneurie ”. Here, this book has also become a podcast in which each of the six episodes is dedicated to a city. Just a play to go.

Sirens is a magazine made of water. In its pages, produced with algae and excess marine flora from lagoon environments at risk, it tells the story ofOcean and dialogue with those who hear the sea close even when far away. If you are one of these people, you should know that you can already treat yourself to or give the subscription to Sirens for 2022: two collector’s issues every year, with all the soul of the sea inside. Get ready for huge blue pages and tales that have the sound of waves.

Without big doubts, there is one of the greatest photographers of nature Sebastião Salgado, Brazilian now at home in Paris, born in 1944. To get to know him better, perhaps before discovering this exhibition, we recommend that you watch the documentary dedicated to him, The salt of the earth. Salgado, for six years of his life, traveled in the Brazilian Amazon capturing rivers, forests, mountains and the people who live there. Some of these shots, more than two hundred, are exhibited in national preview at the MAXXI Museum in Rome until February 13, 2022 and are to be observed by diving head and body.

Robert Doisneau is one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century. Among his most famous shots is that of the two lovers kissing in front of the Hôtel de Ville, in Paris, a city that Doisneau has been able to tell in its most sincere essence with photographs that are the result of a patience and a readiness to fisherman, as he liked to call himself. Just some of these photographs are on display in Rovigo, at Palazzo Rovella, until January 30th.

From 2 December to 9 January the Mudec – Museum of Cultures of Milan hosts a solo show of TVBOY, stage name of the street artist Salvatore Benintende, internationally famous for being one of the main exponents of the movement Neo pop. The exhibition consists of seventy canvases that tell about love, power, heroes and art, interpreted with the usual ironic and provocative lens.
Fun fact: in 2018, on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Bansky, also organized by Mudec, TVBOY created a first protest mural on the perimeter wall of the museum.

From 1 to 18 December the Dal Verme Theater of Milan will host Ludovico Einaudi and his piano in concert. The Climate Space, a space offered to reflection on climate crisis through seventeen auteur short films, two daily screenings open to the public and one reserved for schools, meetings, workshops and live soundtracks made by fourteen protagonists of international music. An opportunity to discuss fundamental issues with a very special soundtrack.

They are not holidays without a trip out of town. If you don’t know which destination to choose, on our Instagram profile we have collected a small summary of the greenest cities in Italy. A perfect trip to take a breath of fresh air.

There Holden School of Turin is one of the most prestigious writing and storytelling schools in our country. Founded by Alessandro Baricco in 1994, today it offers a very rich series of courses, both online and face-to-face, which touch all the nuances of creativity. Among those we have spotted there are Write a podcast, starting on December 10th and which reminds us of our podcast Let’s talk about podcasts, And Write to inform, departing in January. The list is very long and we advise you to take a look at it.

On November 18th it arrived in the hall Ainbo – Spirit of the Amazon, the adventure of a young thirteen-year-old protagonist in which the forest in danger becomes the metaphor of our entire planet. The film is not only a denunciation but it is above all a hymn to the pristine beauty of nature and a scream to make the need to protect it go far, just like little Ainbo does. The Great Mother of the film is voiced by Luciana Littizzetto that he gave us an exclusive clip.

Ten years have passed since it was born in Bologna Plus, the first Italian organization for the protection of people HIV positive belonging to the LGBTQ + community, marginalized and never considered. Forty years have passed, however, since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) first identified theAIDS. To this event and to the history of AIDS, Chora Media he also dedicated a podcast entitled A red thread, written by the journalist Mario Calabresi. While we’re at it, we also recommend this listening. Returning to the dates, in the days of these important anniversaries it comes out I’m still here, directed by Cecilia Fasciani: a story dedicated to the Plus association, in Bologna and the LGBTQ + movement. At the cinema from December 1st.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau: French born in 1910, explorer, author, director, environmentalist, keeper of the sea, model for entire generations and Nobel Prize three times for his documentaries. Nat Geo Documentary Films dedicated a docufilm to him, directed by Liz Garbus, he records with two Oscar nominations. Cousteau’s story is so immense, you will have understood, that to find space he had to travel the world and dive into the abyss. Synthesizing it is impossible but it is worth trying with this documentary available on Disney +.

On December 3, on Prime Video, goes out Harlem, a ten-part comedy series that tells the life of a group of friends, ambitious and very nice, coming – in fact – from Harlem, home of the American Black Culture. For this, Harlem is laughter and lightness but it is also an investigation of the growth path that young women face as they move towards adulthood.

In the to do list of December there is necessarily the choice of the new agenda: up naturaselection.com you will find many, all dedicated to nature, ça va sans dire, but also to the beauty of diversity and the tones of humanity.

Along with the agenda comes the calendar. We loved the Checcalendario: twelve months of personalities dear to the LGBTQ + community, of anniversaries to remember and of colors. The crowdfunding campaign is open and is going great.

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