2023, the prelude to the Olympic Games

More of 100,000 athletes in around 30,000 competitions spread all over the planet they undertake a race without brakes during the next twelve months in search of a place for the Paris 2024 Olympic Gamesan endeavor in which nine out of ten applicants will fall by the wayside.

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The figures were given by International Olympic Committee (IOC) and demonstrate just how intense the pre-Olympic year 2023 will be for tens of thousands of competitors eager to take part in the biggest event on the calendar. It will be a decisive season for their objectives and in Ecuador it will not be different.

The tricolor high performance elite, in addition to regional events such as South American and even world tournaments, focuses on 4 big tournaments. This is how the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee explains it in its annual organization chart: the II World Beach Games in Bali, from August 5 to 15, the Panamerican Games from Santiago de Chile from October 20 to November 5, the South American Beach Games in Santa Marta, Colombia, from November 19 to 26 and the first Bolivarian Youth Games in Sucre, Bolivia, from November 30 to December 9.

“The bar for 2022 was set very high, overcoming it is the challenge of 2023. All (the elite athletes) are going to work and train so that it is so. We have the potential, we have shown it. Ecuadorian sport has shown signs of constant evolution and that is what we continue to do,” said Jorge Delgado, president of the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee (COE).

The first major event of the year, the World Beach Games, is expected to be attended by 1,200 athletes from 97 countriesamong them Ecuador, who will compete in 10 disciplines such as aquathlon, beach handball, beach soccer, beach tennis, 4×4 beach volleyball, beach water polo, beach wrestling, individual kata, kitesurfing foil and open water swimming 5km.

The second tournament mainly concentrates all the expectations: the Pan American Gamess, the third and penultimate event of the Olympic cycle and the prelude to Paris 2024. Due to all the aforementioned context, this will be the tournament that will give the largest number of places to the maximum appointment of all high-performance athletes.

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Here, tricolor Olympic gold medalists like Neisi Dajomes in weights and Richard Carapaz In road cycling, they arrive as absolute favorites, who are joined by an important group of compatriots who arrive with world titles and records, whose projection is to be able to classify a greater number of athletes than those who went to Tokyo 2020.


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“It is the last step to Paris and everyone will want to be there. We are going for that quota and confirm that we are still a power”, said the Ecuadorian marcher Glenda Morejonone of the favorites after winning in 2022 the gold of the South American Tournament in the 20 km, the Oman World gold in the 35 km and the first place in the South American Games with record included.

According to the IOC, in the year 2022, 120 places to compete in eleven sports on the Paris 2024 Games programHence, there are many spaces to fill and in which Ecuador is aiming fixedly.

Already in the third key event of 2023 the South American Beach Games appear in Santa Marta, Colombia, from November 19 to 26, which will stage 1,500 participants including athletes, judges, managers and officials in 14 sports such as swimming, water skiing, beach skateboarding, stand up paddle surfing, triathlon and beach tennis, as well as beach volleyball and kitesurfing, rowing, surfing , sailing, handball and beach soccer, where Ecuador has several strongholds.

Finally, the first Bolivarian Youth Games are presented in Sucre, Bolivia (from November 30 to December 9). Here more than 1,500 athletes from at least 7 countries with the difference that the competition will be reserved for athletes from 13 to under 20 years of age, who will compete in 25 sports and 32 disciplines.

“It is a new tournament that is being created and that will help foster the base of a new generation of athletes that is already standing out,” Delgado said.

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