5 cuts for long hair that will be a trend in 2023

Are you looking for ideas of cuts for long hair? Bingo! Here are the coolest alternatives to give you a refresh to your look without sacrificing your L or XL hair. And it is that he long hair It will NEVER go out of style; however, it is a trend that evolves each season to adapt to everything that fashion offers year after year.

In fact, everything indicates that this 2023, the manes XL (even reaching the waist) will be part of the beauty trends in hot weather, so you don’t have to cut your hair a lot to look in tune.

Just take note of the following cuts and be encouraged to renew your image to have a great year. The plus? They are the favorites of the famous.

mermaid shag

Do you want to enhance the waves of your hair? The idea is that you show off a naturally wavy mane, like when you go to the sea. Hence the name of mermaid shagWell, with this look with subtle layers on top, you’ll have mermaid-style hair. You can add a bang to make it even more girly or bare-fronted, like Lily Collins.

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If there is a haircut that never goes out of style, these are the layers, since they make the hair look more volume. It doesn’t matter if you are straight, wavy or Chinese, the layers They will always be a good idea to change your look without sacrificing the length. Opt for a classic wolf cuta butterfly cut or something more stylish grunge. Take it inspo What you need from Jennifer Lawrence.

TIP G: the more volume you seek, you should ask for the shorter layers. This way you will get a body with ease!

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