5 movies starring Jeremy Renner, the actor behind Hawkeye

After the events of “Avengers: Infinity War”, the universe is in ruins due to the actions of Thanos, the Mad Titan. (Marvel Studios)

Jeremy Renner He is in “critical but stable condition after being injured,” according to his representative, after an accident he suffered while shoveling snow on his property in Reno, Nevada. On the big screen, the 51-year-old actor is one of the most prominent action heroes of recent decades. He has been part of Marvel (hawkeye), a spy in the franchise bourne and even a gangster in the 70s. Find out about his career here:

It is the fourth installment of the successful series of films based on the novels written by the American Robert Ludlum, although this production is separated from the homonymous book to narrate a new character completely separated from Jason Bourne. This is the first of the series in which he does not appear Matt Damon, he is only mentioned several times. This time, Jeremy Renner he plays a genetically modified agent who must flee for his life. In HBO Max.

"The Bourne Legacy" It is directed by Tony Gilroy.  (Universal Pictures)
“The Bourne Legacy” is directed by Tony Gilroy. (Universal Pictures)

Some 15 years after they were nearly killed by a witch with a gingerbread house, Hansel and Gretel have become deadly bounty hunters who seek out and eliminate all witches and evil beings lurking in the dark forests. . As the notorious Blood Moon approaches, the innocent children of a family town on the edge of a forest are faced with a nightmare. The duo encounter an evil beyond any witch they’ve tracked down and killed, and may hold the secret to her terrifying past. It is available in Prime Video.

This gory take on the children's classic was released in 2013. (Paramount Pictures)
This gory take on the children’s classic was released in 2013. (Paramount Pictures)

This feature film takes place in 1978 and follows the lives of cunning con man Irving Rosenfeld and his cunning British partner, Sydney Prosser, who work for an intense FBI agent named Richie DiMaso. This production is based on a true story and is directed by David O Russell. The film stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner. It is available in Paramount+.

David O. Russell directed a brilliant cast of stars in "The great American scam".  (Paramount+)
David O. Russell directed a brilliant all-star cast in “The Great American Hustle.” (Paramount+)

When a mysterious spaceship lands across the globe, an elite team, led by expert linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams), meets to investigate the event. As humanity teeters on the brink of global war, Banks and the team race against time, searching for answers. To find a solution to this problem, the specialist will take various risks that could threaten her life and the humanity that she seeks to protect. This story is based on the novel the story of your life Written by Ted Chiang. to see in Paramount+.

"The arrival" is one of Denis Villeneuve's most praised films.  (Paramount+)
“Arrival” is one of Denis Villeneuve’s most praised films. (Paramount+)

The movie begins before Thanos (Josh Brolin) used the Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the universe. Clint Barton aka hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), is still under house arrest and spending a beautiful day with his two children and his wife (Linda Cardellini). He turns his back for a moment, and when he turns around, he sees that all of his family members have turned to dust. Here he begins the path of him as Ronin and will join his former companions to save the world. It is available in Disney+.

The feature film had a budget of 356 million dollars.  (Marvel Studios)
The feature film had a budget of 356 million dollars. (Marvel Studios)

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