5-year-old child raped by his mother while his father films

This Monday, May 16, 2022, a couple was indicted and imprisoned for incestuous rape and sexual assault. In particular, they would have committed these acts on their 5-year-old child, reports Le Figaro according to information collected from the Grenoble prosecutor’s office. The mother, then 43, is suspected of having raped her child while her 60-year-old husband was filming the scene. The sexagenarian admitted the facts. Facts that would be likely to have started during the year 2021 “, would have indicated a source close to the investigation to AFP. Our colleagues specify that a preliminary investigation was opened last Friday by the Gap prosecutor’s office after a report from the Departmental Council.

“The facts were revealed by the father”

“The facts were revealed by the father to a social worker”, specifies Eric Vaillant, public prosecutor of Grenoble. The father of the child would have been heard Saturday, May 14 by the gendarmes before being placed in police custody for ” complicity “. His wife was reportedly placed in police custody for ” incestuous rape after being arrested.

According to information from Figaro, neither parent has a criminal record. Husband and wife were brought Monday before a magistrate of the criminal center of Grenoble. They would have been imprisoned by decision of the judge of freedoms and detention. The 5-year-old boy and his 6-year-old sister were placed by court decision of the Gap prosecutor’s office. A children’s judge would also have been seized.

This event comes a few days after the conviction of a teacher by the Court of Assizes of Meurthe-et-Moselle for incestuous rape. This was being filmed performing acts of a sexual nature” on her two children then aged 5 and 7. She claims to have been under the influence of her lover.


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