7 iOS features coming in 2023

When iOS 16 came out, the world got a little nervous. Well, not the world, rather the millions of users who have iPhone. This new OS brought a lot of new features and improvements, as we explained at the time.

Now, with 2023 upon us, Manzana has decided to continue innovating and improving its operating system. Although details about iOS 17 remain scant, Apple has previously announced several features that will be available this year as part of upcoming updates like iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.4.

Then, we’ve recapped six iOS features expected to launch or expand to additional countries in 2023such as an Apple Pay Later financing option and satellite calls for the iPhone 14.

Without further ado, let’s go with all the news that we expect in this new year 2023, one that will be marked by the crisis and economic instability and where Apple has to stand out.

Web Push Notifications

Apple said that iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will add opt-in support for web-based push notifications in 2023. But what is this?

This feature will allow iPhone and iPad users to receive website notifications through Safari, just like notifications sent from apps.

Apple Pay 4 months

Apple Pay Later

Announced at WWDC 2022 in June, Apple Pay Later is a financing feature that will allow eligible US customers to split a purchase into four equal payments over six weeks, with no interest or commissions.

The feature will be integrated into the Wallet app and will be available for purchases online and in the iPhone and iPad apps. Apple says the feature will come in a future software update for a few users in the US.

Apple Pay Later is not available with iOS 16.2 and is not present in the first beta of iOS 16.3. And Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has suggested that the feature could launch with iOS 16.4 this year.

Apple Face ID

Security keys for Apple ID

The first beta of iOS 16.3 enables a new Security Keys for Apple ID feature that Apple says will be available globally in early 2023. The feature gives users the option to use hardware security keys to further protect plus your account.

For users who enable this feature, Security Keys reinforces Apple’s two-factor authentication by requiring a hardware security key as one of the two factors instead of a verification code from another Apple device.


Next generation CarPlay

At WWDC 2022, Apple previewed the next generation of its iPhone-based CarPlay software platform, which will feature multi-screen support, widgets, and integration with vehicle features like the instrument cluster, climate controls, and FM radio. .

Apple says the first vehicles with support for the next-generation CarPlay experience will be announced in late 2023with committed automakers including Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Volvo and others.

Apple plans to provide more details about the next generation of CarPlay later this year. Will have to wait a few months.

Apple iOS 16

Advanced data protection in more countries

Apple recently introduced an optional Advanced Data Protection feature that extends end-to-end encryption to many additional areas of iCloud when turned on, including iCloud Backup, Photos, Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos, and more.

The feature was added in iOS 16.2, macOS 13.1, and other recent software updates for US users only and will begin rolling out to the rest of the world in early 2023, according to Apple.

It is not clear exactly when Advanced Data Protection will be available in other countriesbut given Apple’s schedule for early 2023, it’s possible the feature could roll out to more iPhone users running iOS 16.3 or iOS 16.4.


Emergency SOS via satellite in more countries

Apple announced last month that the iPhone 14’s Satellite Emergency SOS feature will be supported in more countries next year. However, Apple did not provide a list of the countries to which the feature will be rolled out.

Satellite Emergency Call first launched in November in the United States and Canada and requires an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 16.1 or later. The service became available in France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom last month, running iOS 16.2 or later.

The feature allows iPhone 14 users to send text messages to emergency services via satellite when out of range of cellular and WiFi coverage. The service is free for two years from the activation of a model of iPhone 14.

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