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‘The King’s Daughter’ was supposed to hit theaters years ago, but its release was cancelled. Almost a decade later, it has already seen the light.

There are times when it pays to take things early and let them develop slowly. But not always and the example is in the king’s daughter. We are talking about a movie starring Pierce Brosnan and Kaya Scodelario (pirates of the caribbean 5) that It should have been released in 2015 but it has remained in a drawer until 2022 when it has seen the light. In Spain, it has done so through Amazon Prime Video, the streaming platform that hosted it last February.

What happened so that it has been hidden nothing more and nothing less than 7 years? the king’s daughter It was going to be released in April 2015, but three weeks before the scheduled date it was simply cancelled. There were not many more explanations, other than that I needed to work on the visual effects. However, it is clear that the problems were serious, as she was left in a limbo for too long.

The film has been released in a dozen countries, but in each of them in a different way. In some of them it has been done through DVD, while others have taken it to the big screen. This is the case in the United States, where it was released in 2,170 theaters. Unfortunately, it only grossed $750,000 out of a $40 million budget.

The Netflix movie that has been saved for years: too daring to be released?

the king’s daughter He’s been through all kinds of trouble. In reality, it was going to be recorded in 2001, shortly after producer Michael London took over the rights, but he only encountered difficulties in its production. The script was rewritten many times and they didn’t come up with the perfect story until over a decade later. Already with the final script and team, filming began in April 2014. It took two weeks of recording in France and another couple in Melbourne, but it seems that it needed more cooking time.

After 7 years of waiting, has it been worth it? Unfortunately, the production problems have also reached the plot. The film results in a very bumpy love story and a rather flat adventure. These factors have led critics to turn against him, which, on the other hand, maintains that he also has some notable moments. But beware, because we are facing one of those cases in which the public does enjoy the cinematographic experience. As usually happens on many occasions, the audience is not so critical of feature films that, without proposing anything new, manage to entertain.

The film tells, between fantasy and adventure, King Louis XIV’s need for immortality. His strong desire to be the most powerful monarch in existence leads him to catch a mermaid, always advised by the court scientist and personal doctor, Dr. Labarthe (Pablo Schreiber). Just when he is ready to eat the mermaid’s flesh and achieve immortality, his illegitimate daughter comes to the rescue of the creature from the ocean.

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