8 Great Short Horror Movies You Must Watch HBO Max

The short horror movies They are a good way to lose your fear and get hooked on the genre without torturing yourself too much, and there are very good options out there that show that you do not need to reach 2 hours to leave everyone shaking.

Now we have movies that go up to 3 hours, but with horror that could easily end in a heart attack, so maybe it’s better to stick with the stories that don’t go on too long (that’s why there are many successful miniseries and movies that don’t go beyond the 90 minutes). In fact, one of the most iconic horror movies of the ’90s is just 92 minutes long, and that’s enough to make your heart race and give you nightmares all night.

The great advantage of the short films is that they are ideal for marathon and see different stories in a single day, and there is a lot of that in streaming. hbo max It has a mix of classics, new releases and forgotten movies that are worth rescuing.

Short horror movies for a scare marathon:

Candyman, 1992

Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes


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Directed by bernard rose and with Tony Todd As the villain, Candyman tells the story of a student doing a research project on a poor neighborhood, where she discovers the story of a mysterious supernatural killer named Candyman. She ends up summoning him, leading to a series of murders in which she becomes a suspect herself.

Saw, 2004

Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes


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