90% of PC gamers have given up on video games

It started out as one of the biggest games of the year, but now the vast majority of players have abandoned the game.

Helldivers II is losing influence: 90% of PC players abandoned the video game

It started off with real success, but now, just five months after its launch, Helldivers II has lost 90% of their players results. If you remember, the highest number of people who liked this part was 458,709, but this number is only a memory, because now the number of concurrent players on the last day is 45,315, data that you can see in SteamDB. Only 10% of people still enjoy this game, at least on Steam, because the game is also available on PS5.

Arrowhead CEO confirmed some time ago that the game’s situation on Steam was not positive, and now this is confirmed by a large loss of players. Of course, this has caught the attention of many people, as this shipment has begun to be ready for implementation. one of the best releases of the year. The game is also updated periodically, however, this does not seem to be enough for players to continue enjoying the game.

Despite how entertaining this piece may be, it’s true that it suffered some controversies that didn’t sit well with it. Without going into too much detail, the fact that Sony wanted to make having a PSN account mandatory made players very angry. Ultimately the company rejected this option and left everything as it wasHowever, it seems that some players who left the game for this reason have no intention of returning.

Super-Earth is in danger, Helldivers II has run out of players

Of course, the reason for this drop was not the only reason for the emergence of PSN accounts. Despite the updates that the game is undergoing, users can expect to see new content more oftenor something that significantly changes the way the game is played so that players can have a new experience. It is impossible to know whether the shipments will have the same numbers as before, but it certainly seems very difficult.

However, despite all this, Helldivers II is still loved by many. In fact, there are fans who are truly in love with the game, even going so far as to get one of the stratagems tattooed on their arm, a show of affection that has not gone unnoticed and has caught the attention of thousands of people. Regardless of more or less people, it seems that this delivery is still could make an important leap thanks to the emergence of new content.

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