a common project, really?

The secret is made by DJ Drama: there was a time when drake and Gucci Mane were seriously considering the possibility of recording a joint mixtape!

Drake and Gucci Mane, a missed opportunity

Podcast guest My Expert Opinion by Math Hoffa, the man behind the mixtape series Gangsta Grillz split a surprising anecdote to say the least. So, according to DJ Drama, Guwop and Drizzywhom he had brought together, would obviously have got on so well that they would have considered publishing a joint project: We almost did a joint Gucci and Drake mixtape. [Gucci] was on the way back, I got them to talk on the phone together. They were discussing the possibility of making a mixtape together. There are like 3 tracks on the Cold War series of tapes, joint tracks from Gucci and Drake, that were planned to end up on their project. The mixtape was never completed, but it almost happened anyway. »

Drama refers to the pieces Street Cred and In My Businessboth of which appeared on the Gucci tape released in 2009 The Cold War: Part 1 (Guccimerica). The duo will meet again 5 years later on the title Back On Roadto be heard on the project Everybody Lookingreleased on the occasion of Guwop’s release.

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