A family doctor sets an example among those convicted by the ERE

Carmen Martínez Aguayo, family doctor.

02 Jan 2023. 12:50 PM

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Much is being said these days about when those convicted of case of the ERE from Andalusia. Without going any further, the former president of the Junta de Andalucía (and former Minister of Health), Jose Antonio Grinanis delaying his possible entry into prison, pending medical reports that assess whether his condition cancer patient (suffers from prostate cancer) may vary the imprisonment dictated by the Justice. Whoever did not want to delay the process has been a family doctor to which life circumstances led her to be Minister of Economy and Finance at the least opportune moment. Is about Carmen Martinez Aguayowho since December 29 has already been in prison to serve the six-year sentence (and 15 years of disqualification) to which she was sentenced by the Court of Seville. It was the first exalted office that took the step of beginning to discount the prison sentence by entering voluntarily. She had already been retired for some time from her position as a family doctor at the Triana health center, to which he had returned after finishing his political stage. In the women’s prison Alcala de Guadaira (Sevilla) shares a cell with two other resources, and her medical condition could be worth her to join the prison first aid kit. Certainly a difficult time for a healthcare professional that she defended her innocence at all times, with very credible arguments, and that she has finally been dragged into the political piece of the case…

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