A family was saved after their Tesla car fell off a cliff in California: “This is an absolute miracle”

Crash location near San Francisco
Crash location near San Francisco

A 4-year-old girl, a 9-year-old boy and their parents were reborn, after miraculously saving himself after falling inside his Tesla car down one of the most dangerous cliffs on the Californian Pacific coast. The accident happened on Monday.

The Tesla brand sedan fell more than 80 meters from the highway to end up crashing into a rocky area near the sea. Apparently, during the fall the vehicle turned several times, and ended up falling on its wheels on the rocks, a few meters from the beginning of the sea. The area where the accident occurred is known as Devil’s Slidea deep rocky cliff that lies about 25 kilometers south of San Francisco, between Pacifica and Montara. It is considered a very dangerous place where accidents occur with great frequency.

The adults had to be rescued by helicopter.
The adults had to be rescued by helicopter.

Although the victims were hospitalized and were initially reported in critical condition, from the moment of their rescue they were conscious and the medical authorities ruled that they are out of danger, although injured.

“We go to that area all the time to rescue cars that fall off the cliff. No one ever survives. This is an absolute miracle,” Brian Pottenger, the head of the coastal battalion of California firefighters, told reporters.

Although they are injured, the four survivors are conscious and with a good chance of recovery.
Although they are injured, the four survivors are conscious and with a good chance of recovery.

Based on preliminary investigations, The California Highway Patrol does not believe that the Tesla was being driven automatically without a pilot at the time of the accident.. Road conditions weren’t bad either.

“The car went off the main road. For what reason, we don’t know that yet,” he declared. mark andrewshighway patrol officer.

The first calls to 911 were around 10:15 a.m. A huge operation was immediately set up with ropes that allowed the firefighters to reach the place where the car was located. From the start, through binoculars, they saw movement inside the car, giving them hope of at least finding someone alive.

Due to the rain and strong winds, the rescue operation lasted several hours. Given the destruction of the vehicle, opening the doors was not an option, so they had to split the car in half to get the victims out.

The children were more scared than hurt, so they were wrapped in blankets and carried through ropes onto the highway. The parents, with more severe injuries, were airlifted away. They all remain in the hospital.

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