A gym emerges from the freight container, it will be the novelty of summer 2022 on the seafront

A new way to train in a new fitness area overlooking the sea. It will be the novelty of summer 2022 for lovers of functional training and outdoor sports: “Rimini Waterfront Gym” will be built in the heart of Maria Centro, in the green area of ​​via Beccadelli adjacent to the children’s playground in Piazzale Fellini . It is an opening mini box, an open-air gym for functional physical training. The “Rimini Waterfront Gym” project was born from an idea of ​​Xenios USA, a leading company in the design of fitness training equipment, with the desire to expand its offer by responding to the ever-changing needs of fitness lovers.

The challenge was to bring the training to the seafront, creating a real open-air gym. This is how Xenios USA, in the person of his CEO, Jacopo Bertelli, created a “mobile gym”, obtained using a freight container. The facility is equipped to offer training classes for up to 10 people. The project has the ambition to bring fitness to anyone in the city of Rimini, residents and tourists, in a natural setting, in the open air and within a unique setting that only the sea can offer.

“Rimini Waterfront Gym” was designed and built for outdoor physical exercise through a high-intensity functional training system that is constantly varied and adapted to everyone, capable of bringing well-being to the new scenario of the leading city of national and international tourism. and environment, wellness and sea park. Rig and rings, barbells, kettlebells and lots of space: these are the characteristics of the temporary container that will be installed in the summer period, from 1st June to 31st August, and which will occupy a space of 70 square meters when open and in operation, while closed it will have a footprint of 15 square meters.

A compact “open air” mini gym that can allow the simultaneous training of 10 people through programs of strengthening and general physical conditioning of the wellness and fitness type, centered on a series of functional movements based on the vastness of stimuli and constantly evolving at high intensity of execution. The mini box branded “Xenios Usa” will be characterized by colors that recall both those of the sea and the four colors that distinguish the lifestyle of the city and can be used both freely and through CrossFit Way Out – Rimini trainers who will employ all their professionalism and passion to better express the values ​​of this sport.

The facility will be operational from June 1st to August 31st and it will be possible to train with CrossFit Way Out trainers four days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays. Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4pm to 9pm; Saturday from 8.30 to 13 and from 17 to 21; Sunday from 08.30 to 13. All lessons will be paid, will last 60 minutes and will be followed by certified CrossFit trainers (for reservations and info, contact +393337751733 via WhatsApp). Outside the class hours, the facility will remain available to anyone who wants to train freely. A further piece that embellishes the Rimini waterfront and its vocation oriented towards greenery, nature, the quality of the sea and well-being through a new project that chooses the city of Rimini as a showcase.

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