A politician from Murcia disarms the leader of Vox in 2 seconds with his own medicine

If someone thought that the plenary sessions of a town hall were a boring pastime, it is because they have not seen the last viral duel in the Murcia City Council: on September 29, during the session where it was agreed to intensify the cleaning in boulevards and scuppers, there was a clash between the leaders of Vox and Podemos in Murcia that has resulted in one of the most watched moments of the week in the political realm.

During the discussion of the motion of the PP to discuss aid to small businesses To compensate for the ‘energy decree’, José Ángel Antelo (president of Vox in Murcia and councilor of the party in the city council since 2019) tried to defend the argument that “Spain is the place in all of Europe where there is more efficiency in the energy in homes” with an audio by Ortega Smith.

Gines Ruiz Macia (Councillor for the Podemos-Equo group in the Murcia City Council), in an instant that uncovered the lack of legitimacy of Antelo’s test, responded with the same strategy, reproducing an audio of the Podemos councilor himself in which he heard: “No, Antelo, you’re not right.”

In the Ortega Smith audio that he intended demonstrate the veracity of Antelo’s statements on climate changeit is said that “China and the US pollute much more” and that Spain is one of the EU countries with the lowest energy consumption per household and, therefore, with greater efficiency in consumption”.

After Ruiz Maciá’s ingenious response, the plenary burst into laughter and the councilor exposed the leader of Vox if all his arguments were supported by a recording of “his cousin Ortega Smith”.

It so happens that this councilor from the purple formation does not have the support of the party leaders in the municipality, and it is more than likely that he will not repeat as a councilor for Podemos in the next legislature.

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