A speedrunner has completed Halo Infinite on the highest difficulty setting without firing a single bullet

On the YouTube channel Simply & Slick A beautiful video has been uploaded showing how it is possible to complete Halo Infinite without firing a single bullet with firearms or using energy weapons. All at the highest level of difficulty made available by the game, Legendary.

Completed Infinite Halo without firing a single bullet

The speedrunner, by name Tom, it is granted only i hand-to-hand combat, fist kills and “white” weapons, as well as explosive reels. He then exploited only those already known glitches and did not resort to any mods. He made a lot of use of the new grappling hook introduced with Halo Infinite, which was very useful for him to quickly navigate the map and to quickly reach threats. With these prerogatives, he claims to have completed the game in four hours.

Tom is an expert speedrunner who has already done such feats in the past. Here he mainly used the explosive coils to catapult himself over obstacles and overcome large portions of the map. At 14:15 of the video it is then possible to see how Tom manages to get around about half of the game by placing a Pelican in a strategic point.

The bosses proved to be the most difficult challenge. The battle against Chak ‘Lok, a fight that uses a sword and becomes invisible, impossible to complete without a melee weapon. So Tom had to get one Energy Blade from a nearby miniboss. But nothing proved more difficult thanHerald, the final boss of Halo Infinite. This fight, in fact, includes three waves of increasingly demanding enemies, where in the third you have to face a resistant Brutus armed with Gravitational Hammer. Tom managed to use his grappling hook to bring the Brute up and down a platform to confuse him and hit him with close-range attacks.

Halo Infinite

Tom doesn’t stop there, and is aiming for more accomplishments in Halo Infinite. Among them, complete the game as fast as possible. His best run of 37 minutes and 46 seconds, faster than the official record of one hour and four minutes. Plus, he wants to complete Halo Infinte again without shooting and picking up and using all skulls, modifiers that allow you to alter some aspects of the game, such as increasing the general difficulty, doubling the radius of the explosions or the frequency with which enemies throw grenades, halving the ammo obtained, deactivating the HUD and more. Additionally, during this run, Tom sets out to complete all of the game’s optional missions.

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