A statue of Michael Jackson opened the debate on Twitter: “It looks like Sandra Bullock”

Internet users say that the tribute is more like the actress than the singer.

The statue of Michael Jackson is going through its most high-profile moment since 2010, the year it was inaugurated in the Santa Marta favela in Rio de Janeiro.

The reason is somewhat humiliating: lThe representation of the deceased singer is all the rage on Twitter because they say she resembles Sandra Bullock.

The quoted tweet suggesting it, written by a user known as Todd, has 221.5K likes and more than 22K retweets.

The debate started in the comments.. Is it similar to the actress or a faithful reproduction of Jackson?

“It literally took me (time) to realize the shirt was open and there were no breasts to realize it wasn’t Sandra Bullock,” one person wrote.

Another directly compared it to the now infamous failed bust of Cristiano Ronaldo for the inaugural act of the Madeira airport.

Sandra Bullock in "Unforgivable".

Sandra Bullock in “Unforgivable.”

Referring to Christ the Redeemer, a third said: “Brazil found a pose it liked for the statues and kept it.”

While there were those who didn’t notice the statue’s resemblance to Bullock, most tweeters agreed with Todd.

Michael Jackson Brazil 1

Michael Jackson Brazil 1

The story of the statue

Santa Marta’s Michael Jackson has been there since 2010, months after the star’s death. Many tourists do not hesitate to visit it to take photos next to it.

“If you are ever in Rio, whether you are a fan of Michael Jackson or not, I recommend a visit to the statue of the King of Pop”, he once recommended for the Rio Times Jose Mario Hilario dos Santosthe president of the Santa Marta neighborhood association.

Now, why is there a statue of Michael Jackson in a favela in Rio? Because Jackson contributed a lot to the place by filming part of the video for “They Don’t Care About Us” there.

Michael Jackson Brazil 2

Michael Jackson Brazil 2

In 1995, The King of Pop and the American director Spike Lee were present in Santa Marta to take some shots and dance with the neighbors. That the locals do not forget.

“There are a lot of fans in the community. Everyone loves Michael Jackson and you can always hear his music here. The favela is one of Rio’s model successes for a clean favela with widened streets, installed stairs and things like regular garbage collection. And, drug violence there seems to be largely a thing of the past,” Dos Santos explained at the time.

Initially, the authorities did not want Jackson to film in the favela because they considered it a dangerous place, but the singer did not care.

Michael Jackson in the video clip of "They don't care about us".

Michael Jackson in the “They Don’t Care About Us” video clip.

Other parts of the music video were filmed in Salvador, in the north of Brazil.

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