a study reveals the highest paid actors based on seconds on stage

Given the incredible success of the titles belonging to the MCU, many of the actors, even the lesser known ones, have achieved considerable popularity, which has also resulted in a considerable economic return, which has allowed them to establish themselves in an environment that is not as simple as Hollywood.

Casino Bee has decided to carry out a research to find out who among them has earned the most, based on the time of appearance on the screen, thus calculating the gain per second of the main performers of the Marvel cinematic universe. Among the many known and predictable votes, there is a big surprise right in the first place. Let’s go now to see the top 6 of this particular ranking:

In sixth place we find Chris Hemsworth, interpreter of Thor, who scored £ 3,479.67 in 12,300 seconds of screentime. Above him there is Mark Ruffalo than with his Hulk earned £ 5,396.32 with less than half the time on stage, or 5,340 seconds.

As soon as we find out of the ranking we find Chris Evans alias Captain America with £ 5,976.77 for 14,640 seconds, making him the de facto second highest paid actor in the whole MCU. On the third step of the podium we find instead Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) that in the 9 films in which he appears for 6,600 seconds, he took home 7,545.45 for each of them. In second place we find the actor who most of all represented the Marvel world in cinemas all over the world. We obviously speak of Robert Downey Jr. interpreter of Iron Man, the most present (and paid) hero on the screen with nearly 6 hours of screentime (21.447 seconds), which brought the American actor £ 11,000 per second in earnings.

At this point one might think that the first place can only be there Tom Holland, also given the sensational success of the last Spider-Man, or at most Benedict Cumberbatch, interpreter of Doctor Strange. Instead, surprisingly, we find in the first place Jeremy Renner, or Hawkeye. The actor appeared on stage for 3,018 seconds (about 50 minutes), taking home £ 12,160.37 for each of them. The ranking obviously does not take into account the recent series starring the Marvel archer.

MCu Hawkeye

The 2022 of the MCU

After 2021 it ended with a bang, thanks to the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the series dedicated to Hawkeye. In 2022, the projects in the pipeline will certainly not be outdone, starting from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness directed by Sam Raimi, hitting theaters on May 6th. Later there will also be Thor: Love and Thunder outgoing theJuly 8, 2022 And Black Panther Wakanda Forever: that the11 November. The television series announced for next year on Disney Plus will instead be Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk And Moon Knight.

Commodorians tell us in the comments if you expected this ranking, or if there were any surprises.

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