A young woman from the United States discovers Spanish public health and goes viral: “Your quality of life soars”

a young woman of USA is going viral in TikTok with a sequence of videos in which he explains the great advantages of having a health system like ours. The woman remembers the stage of her living in Spainwhere he discovered the benefits of public healthcareand compares this model with the American one: “I hope to live to see the day when this is normal in my country.”

Your quality of life skyrockets when you don’t have to think about paying thousands of dollars to get sick,” says the young woman, who calls herself on social media @kimnaps. In one of the posts, he releases a succulent piece of information: “My friends who have access to the public insurance system they will never come back to america“.

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@kimnaps part 1/4 i think anyway i hate the american healthcare system 🫶 #lentejas #parati #healthcare #insurance #nyc ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus
@kimnaps part 3/4: what if you have chronic health issues? #chronicpain #insurance #healthcare #parati #nyc ♬ Lo-Fi analog beat – Gloveity

An anesthesiologist echoed the speech and did not hesitate to share it through Twitter. “I want you to look at this video”, has requested the doctor Elena Casado to his followers.

Users have been quick to react. Some, for value the public health system in Spain. Others, to criticize Ayuso’s sanitary abandonment and his vassals in the Communities where they govern. And, in the middle, there are those who have taken the opportunity to launch subtle darts against USA.

Undoubtedly, a video at least interesting to appease all those who promote the privatization of health services and who fantasize about the American dream. We do not know what we have until we lose it.

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