Abdominal inflammation during the day: eating this food at mid-morning helps to reduce it

Yes, take this food (maybe unexpected for many) At breakfast either half morning helps reduce the abdominal inflammation that usually go crescendo during the day and reaches its peak in the afternoon. The food in question is yogurt (natural and whole). And before explaining when, how and why to take it, we will focus on the fact that abdominal inflammation –this problem that studies say affects 20% of the population– increases throughout the day. kourtney kardashian He talked about it once. “There is nothing more frustrating than all your fitness and diet efforts being sabotaged by bloating. Those abs will never see the light of day if they are hidden behind fluid retention ”, he affirmed, explaining in a popular way a general feeling that is not a specific problem. However, if we want to find the scientific justification for the fact that we get up deflated in the morning and end the day with a swollen abdomen, the doctor Fermin Mearin Manriquedirector of the Digestive System Service of the Teknon Medical Center and member of Top Doctors, explains it this way: “It is common for abdominal swelling to increase throughout the day: being less first thing in the morning and greater at the end of the day. This may be due to the fact that the gas progressively accumulates as the day goes by and that the abdominal muscles lose strength. The anxiety It is an important aggravation of this problem”.

Having said all this, let’s talk about the recommendation that the pharmacist and nutritionist fervently makes Paula Martin Clares@farmanutriconejo on Instagram–: “There are many studies that have determined that a diet rich in probiotic foods like yogurt increases the diversity of the microbiome and reduces abdominal inflammation. Yogurt is made up of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that live in the intestinal tract, facilitating our digestive process, which is why they play a very important role for intestinal health,” he explains.

Better if it is at breakfast or mid-morning

It’s not just what we eat that matters, but when we eat it. Although it is never a bad time to eat a healthy meal, in the case of yogurt and its ability to combat abdominal inflammation, the expert recommends eating it especially for breakfast – which reminds us, for example, that the model Karlie Kloss include Greek yogurt along with a green juice at your breakfast– or midmorning. “Although it would also be correct for a snack,” he adds. And best of all, the expert confirms that she has tried it and it works. “As a nutritionist I always say that the best breakfast is made up of a whole grain, a fruit and a dairy product. My dairy every morning is a kefir, and since then I have been able to see how my abdominal inflammation during the day has decreased and, above all, it makes me not feel bad with discomfort, bloating and flatulence during the day”, he explains.

How to choose a healthy yogurt

Assuming the convenience of eating yogurt to combat inflammation, the next question has to do with the choice of healthy yogurt. Because the current offer of yoghurts is so wide, varied and different that you have to be clear about how to choose a healthy yoghurt. “A healthy yogurt is one in which on its labeling only 2 or 3 ingredients appear: milk, milk ferments and powdered milk. The The only thing that does is unsweetened whole plain yogurt”, explains Paula Martín Clares. And this implies, she adds, “be careful with flavored yogurts as they contain sugar, sweeteners and colorings. If we want to add flavor, as a nutritionist I recommend buying a 100% natural one and adding fruit on top.”

Kefir: a (super) healthy option

The current rage for kefir and the fact that it occupies a privileged place on supermarket shelves is no accident. Already he explained it to us the nutritionist Rocio Maraver: “The variety of microorganisms that act in the fermentation of kefir is broader than that of yogurt, which is why this product is so interesting on a nutritional level.” And Paula Martín Clares is also positioned in favor of this variety of dairy. “If I have to recommend a yogurt, it is kefir: It is one of the best probiotic foods that we can consumeit will help us to balance the intestinal flora, also with heavy digestions, with diarrheal processes and constipation, bloating, and gases”, he concludes.

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