Activision has been pushing the marketing of Call of Duty

The company first launched a 3D billboard in London and is now looking to win over its target audience by hiring some of its audience’s favourites: Nicki Minaj, Pete Davidson and Lil Baby.

Activision has intensified its Call of Duty marketing efforts to further engage its audience with a 3D commercial in London to excite gamers.

3D ads have become a modern badge in OOH actions. From Nike to Louis Vuitton to Yayoi Kusama, this type of creativity has become a claim among brands. But without a doubt, gamer brands have even more to take advantage of this format.

Call of Duty Marketing Campaigns

Activision harnessed the power of this technology for its latest announcement published ahead of the release of the full Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II game on October 28 of last year.

Running at London’s famous Piccadilly Lights, the short opens with Soap MacTavish dramatically breaking through a glass panel and cutting the power, before the screen mysteriously switches to an outside view where Ghost appears from the lawn.

Green strobe lights are then projected towards viewers as the infamous Call of Duty logo appears on the screen.

In addition to this, Call of Duty released an ad featuring Nicki Minaj, Pete Davidson and Lil Baby, with the celebrities reciting I Don’t Know, But I’ve been Told, the famous call and response song sung during military training for USA exercises.

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