Adele broke down live when she saw the photo that a man from the public showed her on his cell phone

Singer Adele had an incredible time with her fans at Caesars Palace during her ninth weekend in Las Vegas. The Grammy-winning star is on everyone’s lips again, after burst into tears in the middle of one of his best-known songs, when a man in the audience showed him a photo from his cell phone. this touching moment It was recorded and moved millions of his fans on social networks.

It all started when the interpreter walked close to the audience during the song “When we were young” at her concert last Friday. Some of the attendees sang the ballad and others took selfies with her. However, an elderly man was caught on camera showing Adele a photograph of a woman. Immediately, she began to cry, although at that moment she did not give any explanation.

A man showed Adele the photograph of his wife during the concert
A man showed Adele the photograph of his wife during the concert@adeleaccess/TiKTok

Then, already heartbroken, the artist sang her 2011 hit “Someone like you” and dedicated it to the fan who had moved her. “This is for you,” the 34-year-old Briton expressed as she pointed to the man who had shown her the postcard. When she finished singing, she stopped for a moment and expressed with a broken voice the reason why she had burst into tears:

“As I walk through the crowd, I wish you guys would see what I see. I talk to a few people every night, but then I see these little stories… and there was a man, he was right there… can you see him holding his phone? I think it’s his wife on his phone, and I don’t think she’s here, and it really touched me. I think you’re here alone and I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for your loss. And I’m sorry I didn’t realize what you were showing me until I was there. I see these details of people’s lives when I walk and it’s so beautiful.”

Adele could not hold back her tears over the story of one of her fans

Adele could not hold back her tears over the story of one of her fans

In this sense, the Oscar winner also speculated that perhaps it was her partner who had not been able to attend the concert. Therefore, that he was present at the show with a photograph of her to make her present. “It’s so beautiful,” she concluded.

The video of the moment was recorded on the official account of Adele Access (@adeleaccess) and got more than 7.5 million views in a matter of hours. Some people who saw the clip quickly spoke up in the comments to applaud the singer’s emotional message to her fans: “If Adele cries, we cry”; “How many times do I have to cry watching these videos?”

On Instagram, the “Hello” singer has shared all the highlights of each of the weekends that have been presented as part of his tour Weekends With Adele. Among the most prominent are the occasions when some couples have become engaged, as well as the New Year and Christmas celebrations.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman identified as Rebecca Feinglos and her group of “single” friends celebrated their loving independence at the Adele concert. As reported by the media daily mailsinger He also cried when he noticed the celebration of the 33-year-old woman. “Let’s celebrate leaving relationships that are not good for you,” she expressed that night.

Adele plans to offer more concerts in 2023 as part of her tour 30, in which he intends to present his latest hits. The cost of the tickets ranges from US$999 to US$1,631 per night, according to data from Vivid Seats.


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