Afghanistan, for the Pentagon the raid that killed 10 civilians (including 6 children) “was not unreasonable”: “Little time to check”

No violation of the martial law, but only “Execution errors”. This is the result ofinternal investigation conducted by US Department of Defense regarding the raid with drone carried out at Kabul, in Afghanistan, on 29 August last and which resulted in the death of 10 civilians, including 6 children. On that occasion, the Pentagon he made it known that the attack, which took place a few hours after the attack Isis at the airport of the Afghan capital, he had neutralized a commando of the Islamic state that he wanted to hit the port from which, in those days, Afghan and foreign citizens, diplomatic and military personnel who were evacuating the country were leaving. The truth, which emerged later, is that no terrorist was traveling in that car, but only one innocent family.

The US Defense, through the mouth of the general Sami Said, inspector general ofAir Force, download on particular state of emergency in which the country and foreign military forces were in those days, also due to the intensification of the ISIS attacks and an interruption in communications which prevented the military from carrying out the necessary checks on the vehicle in the minutes preceding the bombing, the responsibilities of what happened.

American forces remaining on the ground were at the airport, Said recalls, and intelligence thought more attacks were imminent. For this the raid, which he defined “Of self-defense”, has been managed differently from the usual counter-terrorism operations, in which a potential target is also monitored for days. Military analysts have had little time to evaluate intelligence materials available indicating the car, one White Toyota Corolla traveling near the airport, as a danger. Specifically, he explained, it had not been possible to monitor and follow the vehicle and its occupants in the days preceding the decision to bomb it, as is usually done when the military is preparing to carry out counter-terrorism operations. To give an example, even in the case of the famous Abbottabad operation, in Pakistan, in which the chief of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, intelligence monitored the building for a long time to establish with an error rate deemed acceptable that the founder of The base, as well as checking the presence of children in the structure and thus allowing the Navy Seal of the Team Six to operate with this awareness.

In this case, however, it was decided to act despite not being in possession of this preliminary information, Said admitted. To this was added a technical problem: during the monitoring that preceded the attack, they were communications interrupted which prevented us from continuing to see the vehicle which had been located in a place associated with the Islamic State in the province of Khorasan. When communications resumed, the general added, they were barely missing two minutes to rocket launch and authorization was opted for. In that short period of time, however, according to the images and for Said himself, the presence of at least one child was evident, although “it wasn’t 100% obvious,” the general said. In the rush of action, he added, the operators they did not thoroughly analyze the images: “We had plenty of time to do it during the investigation,” he said again justifying the team responsible for the raid. Coming to the conclusion that on the basis of the information available, “in a complicated operation in a complicated scenario”, it was decided in a non-arbitrary or negligent way that the car posed a threat. “It wasn’t an unreasonable decision, just incorrect”Said said again. Cost ten lives of innocent civilians.

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