Alan Estrada also invoices with Shakira

Everyone is excited and giving their opinion about Shakira’s new song with Bizarrap, Music session #53, even some people criticize her for profiting from her misfortune and continuing to throw down her ex-partner Gerard Piqué, and incidentally her new girlfriend Clara Chía , but among the people who do not see anything wrong with this is the actor and youtuber allan estrada, who thinks: “Raise your hand whoever has invoiced thanks to a (puts broken heart emoji). There you have @sietevecesadios ”. Something that is very true, because this staging was conceived when its creators Jannette Chao, Vince Miranda and Estrada himself were going through a period of heartbreak, now “Siete veces adiós” is about to complete 177 performances and would only offer 50 performances initially; is about to release a cast, will go on tour and has had many sold outs during its two seasons. Heartbreak does bill.

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They prepare biopic about Jenni Rivera

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The new biographical series about the singer Jenni Rivera, who died 10 years ago in a plane crash, is about to start filming. The production, we found out, is already choosing locations in Colombia, where part of the story will take place, and in Los Angeles, places that will be occupied starting next month. And who will give life to the singer? That is kept with a lock, they say, to launch it with hype and cymbal soon.

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Trevi’s husband does not rule out renewing vows with a Mayan ritual

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The storm continues for Gloria Trevi due to a couple of lawsuits against her, how does she survive? The singer supports her marriage to Armando Gomez, who has been in a relationship for 20 years. Gómez says that as soon as they have a chance, she would like to renew their vows and she does not even rule out that the ceremony involved some Mayan or Aztec ritual. “Yes, we’ll see it at the right time, it’s an idea,” he says before meeting his beloved at the Mexico City International Airport.


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