Alan Pulido is back in MLS and chooses Herrera for DT of the TriMediotiempo

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After being sidelined in 2022 due to injury, Alan Pulido is back with him MLS Sporting Kansas Cityfor which the club put him in a press conference this Tuesday.

The Mexican striker talked about how difficult this past year was, but now he wants to be the same as before or much better.

“The truth is that I took this injury very seriously, it is my first injury at a professional level and obviously it was a difficult year, but I always bring positive things to everything and I think that this type of thing that happens always makes you stronger, I really feel recovered. , I am in a good process and very advanced to start the tournament”.

Pulido wants Piojo in El Tri

Without a doubt, Pulido still longs to be back in the three and criticized what the Mexican National Team in Qatar 2022emphasizing that it was a failure and assuring that only michael herrera may be the ideal candidate to lift that ship.

“We all know that the team was a failure in the World Cup in Qatar. We know that the ideal or what was expected was for them to qualify and it was not like that, it cannot be called anything other than failure. If I had to choose one, I would choose the Louse, he would be the ideal coach, a Mexican and with the experience of a World Cup and with the titles he has had at a professional level in his career, it would be good for the team.”

The Mexican soccer crisis

“Really, what we already know is that Mexican soccer went through a crisis, really, if the results of the last World Cup failed to qualify and it is a consequence of how things have been handled in a bad way, the fact of removing relegation, now Adding many foreigners, of course, affects young people and you don’t give that opportunity to Mexicans who can’t emerge. We see it with many Mexican players who have the opportunity to go to Europe and they are very overvalued with respect to the fact that it is difficult for a team to Europeans can acquire it, and of course it affects and affects it in the long run and it shows that the league has remained stagnant and is not taking that step that we all would like”.

“As I have said, MLS has grown a lot in recent years, more and more names are added at its best level and MLS has become a showcase that opens the doors to Europe. I feel good and happy to be part of this league. Of course, they have been looking at it for a long time, it was a different perspective. Before, the players came thinking about their retirement, a matter at the end of their career, a lot of young people come here, many players with the mentality of knowing the league and use it as a springboard to get to Europe. Many players would not rule out that idea, the MLS makes it easier for you to go to Europe,” declared Pulido.

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