Album and world tour in 2024?

Published December 29, 2023

MAD December 29, 2023

In 2020, Katy Perry released the album “Smile” – in anticipation of acceptance in Las Vegas and even beyond. La bonne nouvelle, it is that Rev’s interpretation is actively preparing for a comeback. The program includes a new album (and also) a new world tour.

2024, Katy Perry’s anniversary?

Ainsi, join us ” source The artist’s farewell announced Sunday will become the annual charge in 2024 for the cage that will set Vegas on fire. “Katie worked on her son’s album le plus staff au cours deux deux dernières années”, I declare to T-elle Ainsi. She also added :“The fact is that these are the most appropriate terms and they are different from everything that is in sorti auparavant”. Loin de s’arrêter la, la Famous source évoque également une Tournée: “Mais après avoir passé sot de temps sur la Côte ouest des États-Unis, she sat down, ready to deal at the tournament. La requirement is what it takes to succeed and le fait d’emmener son spectacle on a route that cannot be the best outfit in the world. L’espoir est qu’elle puisse departs from the end of 2024, but most opt ​​for an encore during development.”

This would-be opus, Katy Perry on holiday, is recalled in a later, surreal scene: “If you can’t wait for me in my “Witness” or “Smile” era, then in my “KP6” era you won’t be able to go wild.Avait-elle ainsi declaré.

Obviously, all this happens for an encore with tweezers. Will the 2024 announcement be the highlight of Katy Perry’s return to the charts? Seoul le temps will tell you!

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