Alcaraz raises alarm at Wimbledon

Tommy Paul scratched the first set Carlos Alcarazbut his fifth match, first away from hard court, inevitably came against the reigning Wimbledon champion, who overcame the American in the final stretch of this quarter-final match.

The Spaniard experienced his characteristic ups and downs in matches with Frances Tiafoe, especially and against Hugo Humbert. Against Paul, with whom he had an equal win-loss record (2-2), an opponent who had always resisted him, he had to find a way to hurt him on the very tough grass of Court 1, with dirt on the bottom and bounces… irregular.

He found it. And when he accelerates, he sows terror. It imposes. Tommy Paul He admitted to feeling a certain helplessness. “Alcaraz moves incredibly. He is probably the fastest player. It is very difficult to beat him,” he analyzed.

The North American stressed that the grass factor enhances the Murcians’ already fast and varied tennis. “Grass suits him very well. He moves amazingly on grass. It’s not easy to change direction like he does. He always stays low (squatting), and that’s not easy.”

Also, “he’s hit a lot of winners in the last few sets. That helps. When he generates energy, he gets going, he’s different. He can play incredible tennis. These crazy points, like he’s up and rolling.”

When Carlos Alcaraz is Carlos Alcaraz, All alarm bells are ringing at Wimbledon. Tommy Paul He clearly reflected the feeling in the dressing room when the Murcian enters a positive phase. He can be uncooperative because he does everything, attacking and defending with more power than his opponents can generate.

And also Russian Daniil Medvedev His opponent in Friday’s semifinal spoke about the qualities that make Alcaraz special. “To be honest, everything,” the Muscovite said.

He went into more detail. “How easy he is to hit. I watched his game with Paul a little bit when he was finishing. As soon as he had a chance, he took the shot and was in the game. He was in the game. That’s the hard thing about playing against him, you know it doesn’t matter where he is, the winner is going to hit you, so you try to make it difficult for him by hitting as well as you can,” he said. Medvedev.

He stressed that “this is something special because there are not many players like him. Carlos “He can hit a winner from anywhere on the court, so he’s tough to play against.”

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X-ray of power Carlos Alcaraz which the Murcian translates as fortress. The opponents always anticipate a tough, difficult game. “I’m glad that my opponent believes that I can make great throws from any position on the court. In attack or defense, I can hit back or make an incredible shot that will be the winner,” he congratulated himself.

Although, he warned, because Medvedev also received praise from him. “It’s like a wall, it can reach everyone. You know that no matter how much you hit, the ball will come back. That’s the most special thing about it.”

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