Alexa Dellanos is presumed in a tight dress with openings

Surely you already know her, the beautiful model AmericanAlexa Dellanos, continues to surprise the Internet completely using the designs of dresses most impressive, this time one embroidered in color green with very marked openings on the sides.

The popular daughter of Myrka Dellanos showed how much he loves his job by visiting this new business where they prepare delicious snacks or dessertstaking advantage of the situation and the beautiful colors of the establishment to take a new photo session and share this new garment in her wardrobe.

A piece of entertainment that he placed across his Instagram official, dazzling all the users who came to observe it and of course making most of them react with their respective likes, as well as dedicating some time to write a nice message in the form of compliments, compliments, declarations of love and of course emojis to express everything they feel.

In addition, she also had the visit of two of her best friends, among whom are the also famous Influencer Lyna Perezwho is always supporting her either in the comments or in person, as we can see, enjoys her company a lot.

This is a great way to promote this new establishment, give her recognition that will surely bring her many new customers, she is an excellent choice to work with and her efforts will continue to pay off.


Alexa Dellanos/Instagram

Alexa Dellanos shared her new session from a dessert business.

Without a doubt, Alexa Dellanos is at the right time and place, proving that not only because she was the daughter of the famous Telemundo presenter, Myrka Dellanos, she had to do the same thing as her mother, but that she preferred to focus on what she really likes.

She is concentrating on giving her all, she practically uploads posts every day, previously she had had a break time, but now it seems that she is very focused and that she does not make an effort to continue growing at all.

To finish, all that remains is to invite you to keep an eye on Show News and enjoy the new content of this famous content creator and many of her companions, news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and more that you cannot miss.

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