Alexandra Daddario: “Call me if the earthquake comes”


D.fter chatting with her about natural disasters, I decided that I would finally organize the emergency kit, fix the gas safety valve, buy a pack of new batteries and a two week supply of water. No, Alexandra Daddario is not a seismologist, but she is a terrific source of information. The New York actress of earthquakes now knows everything: just see her in action in San Andreas, the disaster movie in which he stars together with Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino, where he runs, jumps, swims and, above all, survives among collapsing buildings, gigantic waves, fires and explosions; in every desperate situation he ingeniously finds a way out.

If one day the edges of the San Andreas Fault – 1,300 kilometers running along California – open, unleashing the infamous “Big One”, I would really like to find it next to me, the Daddario, here in Los Angeles. The twenty-nine-year-old actress we met on the series White Collar And True Detective it is a true force of nature.

Alexandra is the daughter of lawyers. Born and raised in Manhattan, she lives in Los Angeles and for some years has been linked to Logan Lerman, the young actor she met on the set of the film Percy Jackson. Tall, elegant in a black jacket and skirt, blue eyes, fiery red lips that stand out against white skin and a mass of dark hair, she tells us what it was like to work on a 100 million dollar set.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

daddario2I have lived in California for over six years and I often feel some tremors, nothing terrifying. When I was offered this role, however, my thoughts immediately went to 9/11, in New York.

Where were you on 9/11?

I was in school, I was 14. My mother, who had worked at the World Trade Center for over twenty years, was not in the office that day, and my father was at the courthouse in Downtown. They both escaped it. A traumatic experience that taught me a lot.

For instance?

To worry only about important things, to live life without a thousand useless fears. You cannot predict the future, you can only equip yourself intelligently. This is why I have become, in a certain sense, even more adventurous.

In his work?

Yes, I found the strength to shoot stunt-free action scenes and sex scenes that – believe me – require lion-like courage.

The sequence in is famous True Detective in which she, naked, cuffs and seduces Woody Harrelson.

I also took that as a new challenge to face.

In short, he is not afraid of anything.

No, that’s not true, but I’m incredibly ambitious and determined in my career. And I love what I do.

Do you have the same determination in your private life too?

I am combative, yes, and tremendously loyal, faithful in my relations with friends and, I think, generous. I’m a tough guy (laughs).

Would he fight like a lion even to win a man?


If it interested me, yes, but if it forced me to do it for too long, I’d let it go.

Who did you get this strong-willed character from?

daddario1I owe everything to my parents, to my mother in particular. He knows how to be near me; it is she who taught me and teaches me – whenever I need it, even from afar – to overcome difficult moments. If for some reason I am disheartened, she warns him, calls me immediately and asks me: “What’s wrong today?” On this planet, I will never have a relationship like the one I have with her again.

What are you looking for in an ideal partner?

I like smart and funny people. There are billions of people in the world and many are extraordinary, but it is so difficult to find the right one for you, the one you can be in perfect harmony with.

What is important to you in a love relationship?

To get it and get it you have to work seriously on it, it is a continuous achievement and commitment and effort are fundamental. I didn’t know this when I was younger and I thought that certain strong and sudden passions lasted forever. Today I know that to love means knowing how to forgive, to overcome difficult moments together: every relationship, in my life, basically, works like this.

Let’s go back to San Andreas. You, I guess you have a supplied earthquake kit …

Of course, with water, batteries, batteries, and another card for the cell phone, which in any case would be of little use that day (laughs).

In the film he works alongside a legend like Dwayne Johnson, wrestler and now Hollywood star. What does it tell us about him?

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It’s extraordinary: he made himself, working hard and believing in himself and in others. A genuine, honest and generous person like him is a true role model. Besides, he is so beautiful, he looks like a god: in the scene where he lifts me up to carry me to safety, I repeated to myself: “Oh, remember, you are in the arms of Dwayne Johnson (laughs). What more do you want to ask for? ». •



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