Alfredo Talavera denies the Pumas directive about the renewal offer; if true, “would have remained”

The goalkeeper published a message on social networks denying the Pumas board about the offer to renew and assuring that it was not he who rejected the proposal

Alfredo Talavera denied the version of the directive Cougarswhere he assured that the goalkeeper did not accept the two-year renewal offer and a substantial salary increase, since if that offer were true “he would have remained without a doubt in this institution.”

Through a message on social networks, the 38-year-old goalkeeper gave his version of the negotiations with the University Club and contradicted what the club reported in a statement this Friday.

“I want to clarify that since December 2021 I approached the board to negotiate my continuity in the team without success, receiving the first and only renewal proposal until February 2022,” the text states.

Alfredo Talavera reached the Cougars in July 2020, from Toluca, and explained that the board maintained “the same position”, while other teams were interested and the goalkeeper received serious proposals from other teams.

However, he assured Talavera that he did not give an answer to the teams that were interested in his services, until he settled his situation with the University Club.

“So a couple of days ago I made a decision based on the fact that there was no concrete response until May 10, making it clear that if it were the proposal that is mentioned, it would have remained without a doubt in this institution,” said the Cerberus.

Alfredo Talavera, Mexican national team player and former goalkeeper for Chivas, Tigres, Toluca and Pumas, thanked each member of the feline squad, coaching staff, props, staff, fans and especially Andrés Lillini in his letter and said that he carries them in his heart, throwing a ‘Goya!’ as goodbye.

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