Alfredo Talavera gave his version regarding his departure from Pumas

The strategist gave some words to the fans and public opinion that do not coincide with what the University Club shared earlier.

Alfredo Talavera during a match at CU.
© imago7Alfredo Talavera during a match at CU.

After the news was released this Friday through a statement that Alfredo Talavera would not renew with Pumas, it was the same goalkeeper who shared a statement on his Twitter account. In the document it states that everything the feline team mentioned is false, which raised the controversy between the fans and public opinion..

“I want to clarify that since December 2021 I approached the board to negotiate my continuity in the team without success, receiving the first and only renewal offer until February 2022. Over time and maintaining the same position, I received serious proposals from other teams and I never gave an answer until I defined my situation. So 10 days ago I made a decision, based on the fact that there was no concrete answer until May 10, making it clear that if it were the proposal that is mentioned, it would have remained without a doubt in this institution“, he mentioned.

Dale Azul y Oro managed to find out that the offers for Alfredo Talavera were true, although his representative and his team insist on denying it with other versions in certain media. Even Cesar Luis Merlo, an Argentine journalist, handled the same information for a third offer. It is not known what led the goalkeeper to unfold that statement, since Pumas reflected the truth in his.

The coaching staff wanted it

For now, the novel has come to an end.. Talavera told the team a few hours ago that he would not continue despite the efforts of the university students and the desire of the coaching staff to retain him. Now, it is Julio González’s turn to demonstrate his value on the field of play now as the protagonist in the Pumas goal.

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