All about ‘Beau is afraid’, Joaquin Phoenix’s unexpected comedy that divides critics

independent film production company A24 leaves speechless with each title released. Next April 28 it launches in Spanish movie theaters Beau is scared and although the same resounding success that it had Everything at once everywhere in the Oscars 2023, also distributed by the producer indie. This comedy riddled with moments of pure psychological horror – the personal and unmistakable mark of its director, Ari Aster– will immerse the audience on a journey through anxiety and paranoia.

joaquin phoenix he plays Beau Wassermann, a middle-aged man terrified of his mother figure. Her sudden death will force Beau to cross the country to attend her funeral, and in a kafkaesque On the way, he will run into strange malevolent figures that will lead him to the most unusual hallucinations. During this chain of fortuitous events, he is seriously injured by an accidental hit-and-run caused by Grace (amy ryan), who together with her husband and surgeon Roger (Nathan Lane), will take care of him at his home in the suburbs. Reflecting each stage as a nightmare, or rather, as a dramatization of a bad dream, this man lost in the frustration of his life and in the instability of the world around him, must reconcile with his mother’s problems in order to live in peace.

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With similarities with films that stand out for their visual horror such as Donnie Darko (2001) or Mother! (2017), starring actress Jennifer Lawrence, Ari Aster leaves at all times a record of his intention to cause terror to the viewer. With his characteristic storytelling mannerism, the filmmaker reflects on how Beau loses his way of dealing with his problems leading to complete hysteria. Creator of the acclaimed thriller hereditary (2018) and midsummer (2019), He projects his hallmark in the most depraved way in this latest feature film.

Oscar winner in 2020 for joker, Joaquin Phoenix portrays both physically and mentally a loner who slowly sees his life fall apart. The Homeric plot reflected in his return home trip will cause him to confront his most fearsome and hidden fears. With this title, with the version of Napoleon which will arrive in November and with the recent completion of filming for the sequel to joker, Folie à Deux, next to Lady Gagathis 2023 Phoenix is ​​expected to be on everyone’s lips again.

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Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Beau Is Afraid’.

Beau is scared is a unique audiovisual experience, portraying the growth of the protagonist from when he is just a child until he reaches adulthood, trying at the same time to get rid of his personal traumas. As key figures in current psychological terror, typical of authors such as jordan peel either Robert Eggers, The pairing created between director Aster and actor Phoenix explores and takes psychological terror to new and complex places, both willing to push Beau’s character to the limit. Whether viewers like it or not, this film has already caused a stir among critics and may well become one of the most divisive films of the year.

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