All set for the classic! Motagua and Olimpia arrive at the National Stadium prior to the first leg semi


– Welcome to the minute by minute of Motagua vs Olimpia in Tegucigalpa –

5:15 PM: Marvin “El Chelito” Martínez, Reinieri Ramírez, Olman “Tuanis” López (Motagua goalkeeper and assistant coach) and Rony Ávila, members of the teams, share in the dressing rooms prior to the derby.

5:00 PM: Installed already from the National Stadium! The capital clubs make their top prior to the first leg semifinal of Clausura 2022.

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Motagua: Marlon Licona, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos, Héctor Castellanos, Wesly Decas, Jesse Moncada, Juan Delgado, Jonathan Nuñez, Iván “Chino” López, and Roberto Moreira.

Olympia: Edrick Menjívar, Johnny Leveron, Jonathan Paz, José García, Félix Crisanto, Patón Mejía, Boniek García, Edwin Rodríguez, José Pinto, Chirinos and Arboleda.

who transmits: TVC and Tigo Sports

Stadium: National Chelato Uclés

Time: 7:00 p.m.


As if they were two boxers who go up to the ring with their strategy, Eagles and Lions step on the green lawn of the legendary capital colossus to settle the first pulse towards the final.

Starting at 7:00 tonight, Saíd Martínez’s whistle will open the curtain on the first leg of the semifinal and will unleash one of the most rivalry duels in the history of national football.

Both Pablo Lavallén’s team and Hernán la Tota Medina’s team have enough dynamite to blow up throats in the National Stadium and thus put on track his passage to the fight for the scepter.

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“Motagua is a solid team, it has incorporated more play since the arrival of Hernán Medina, with players who are in a good moment, like Iván López and Jessé Moncada; always the danger of the aerial game with Maldonado and Moreira”, warned Lavallén.

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And the Argentine coach of the Merengues is right. Precisely one of the blue weapons is the game from above. While Albo only scored two header goals, Mimado scored seven headed goals and four of those were from Paraguayan Roberto.

But the Blue not only wins the battle in the heights, but also gets better profit from the stopped ball. Four of his goals came on plays from corner kicks and one from free kicks. The Lions do not know what it is to score goals through these two items.

Olympia closes better

“They are the favorites, but we come with what is ours and with our confidence,” warned Tota, who arrives with seven games without losing and with the obligation to pay attention to the closing of the games.

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Motagua he received 75 percent of his goals (12 of 16) in the second half and today he will clash against a rival that has better records in the last stretch of the fights.

After 60 minutes, the Whites scored 15 goals and only conceded four, while their opponent scored 13 and conceded nine. With Yustin Arboleda as their best predator (8), the Whites boast of being more effective than Motagua (31 in 18 games and the rival 28 in 20) and to score more from outside the area (6-4).

“They closed the tournament well with a string of victories, but we have worked in a way that we had not done and I can say that you see another face in the team. It’s kill or be killed; if you fail, you are eliminated”, warned Edwin Rodríguez, who with six assists is the best assister for the King of Cups and the second in the League.

Yes Olympia arrives boasting of his hegemony in the general series (98 wins against 59 for Azul), Motagua tops the key as a father in direct elimination stages (wins 8-2 in the semifinals and 7-2 in the finals). Number five will shoot and with it the waste of passion will be unleashed…

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