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NEW YORK– Complaints of sexual abuse and a pardon “on behalf of these people (of Menudo’s work team) who have not had the courage to do so”, marked the premiere of the first two parts of the documentary Menudo: Forever Young, in the New York Tribeca Festival.

“It was difficult for me to talk about the sexual abuse I suffered in the group because it was like reliving it all over again. Anyone who has been through trauma knows this. It is important to talk about this, because, although it was not easy to talk about it, it is important because people will realize that it was not vacilón and that it was true,” he said. Angelo Garcia, who was present in a discussion framed in the premiere along with other former members such as Johnny Lozada, Ray Acevedo, Ashley Ruiz Y Ralph Rodriguez.

“I feel humbled, stronger, wiser and that’s how you feel when you overcome trauma,” Garcia added.

“Nobody said sorry. I am telling you on behalf of these people (of the Menudo work team) who have not had the courage to do it”expressed Lozada in the conversation directed by Daneida Polanco, from Univisión.

Puerto Rican filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto (Charm City Kings) was in charge, together with Kristofer Ríos (Havana Skate Days), of making the four-part documentary, which will arrive on June 23 on HBO Max.

As Soto pointed out in Tribecca, the project was made by a fan and for all the group’s followers.

“We did it with love, passion and because we believe that it is never too late to reclaim your narratives. I think Menudo fans have heard part of the story. Let’s let them talk.” added the Puerto Rican prior to the world premiere.

A group of former members of the youth band spoke in front of the camera about sexual abuse and labor exploitationamong other topics.

In fact, the question about the pay received by the members of the group, compared to the work done, is raised in the first two episodes.

Ricky Meléndez, Johnny Lozada, Rawy Torres, Sergio Blass, Ralphy Rodríguez, Ray Acevedo, Ángelo García, Ash Ruiz among others, they expose their part of history on screen.

The boy band Menudo was created by Edgardo Diaz in 1977, unleashing from the beginning the so-called Menudomania with which they sold millions of records and filled stadiums in almost all continents. Ricky Martin Y pink drake They are some of the best-known graduates of the group and who have managed to establish a solo career.

Soto clarified that he contacted all the past members of the group, including Díaz and Joselo Vega, who served as choreographer in the initial stage of the concept. However, not everyone responded.

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In 2020, a series inspired by the group was made, based on interviews with people close to the group and versions of Diaz.

Soto has the direction of the film on the agenda Blue Beetle from DC Comicsand a new version of transformers. Both films would film in Puerto Rico.

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