Allergic to everything, she can only live in a refuge in Valtrebbia

A lifetime of battling with a rare disease, to which doctors have been able to give a name only after some time, after they had blamed stress and depression for those continuous and various symptoms so debilitating that they lost their jobs and shattered the marriage and social life.

A rebirth

The rebirth of Antonella Maltese, 62 years old from Rome, was in Valtrebbia. When she searched on the Net, on Google, for a place where she could live away from gas, fumes, chemical agents, in short, in the best conditions to avoid being sick, and to breathe “toxic” air, the woman identified Valtrebbia precisely, one of the valleys of the Piacentini hills. “I didn’t even know where she was,” the woman admitted to the newspaper “Freedom”. Without thinking too much, unable to bear that persistent state of malaise, he packed his bags in Civitavecchia and moved with his partner to Montechiaro, fraction of Rivergaro, precisely in the province of Piacenza. And for the 62-year-old, who for too long often found herself nailed to the bed and unable to put anything under her teeth, nauseated by any smell, with breathing difficulties and migraines, it was a rebirth. A return to live. So much so that she has also started driving the car again. “A miracle”. Possible now that far from fossil fuels, pollution but also from intensive cultivation, even from grand tourism. In short, from everything that could be allergic and intolerant to her.

What is MCS

And for those who have their disease, namely the “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)”, there are many situations from which they must distance themselves.. The diagnosis of the “syndrome of intolerance to environmental xenobiotics” which causes “marked systemic disturbances in relation to exposure to chemical agents, gases, fumes and vapors” she had been diagnosed at the Policlinico Umberto Primo in Rome. And for her, giving a name to what she had lived with since childhood was already a lot and she had also fought for the recognition of the disease with the association “Oltre l’Mcs”. An often unknown disease from which 300 thousand Italians suffer in serious form, three million with milder symptoms. The solution for Maltese was the Valtrebbia: organic crops, a tourism of hikers who love nature or horses. “An oasis of tranquility and peace, it was my refuge” admits the Roman who is finally well in Piacentino and for this reason she too expresses her opposition to the variant between Rivergaro and Cernusca. “It must remain as it is”.

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