Alonzo not surprised by Messi’s start to the season

After a complicated first season in the PSG jersey, Lionel Messi has regained his level since the start of the 2022-2023 financial year. Refocused on the field by Christophe Galtier, the Argentinian international (35) is involved in 14 goals with six goals and eight assists. Jérôme Alonzo explains that it is not the Lionel Messi of 2022-2023 that surprises him but that of last season.

Even on a flash, he turns you a match in Ligue 1

We could all see that he was not happy to be there. I saw a lot of matches, matches at the Parc where he really wasn’t very far from me. You see the guy was there, dragging his spleen. He did not ask to come to PSG. […]It’s much more complex than that. In the brain of a champion who has been uprooted from his heart family which is Barça. We could see that he had come to PSG by default. And afterwards, he said to himself: “Hey, we’re not bad there. And then as long as you are there, you might as well be good. Me it’s not this Messi that surprises me, but the one from last year, assures Jérôme Alonzo in Greg’s team. There I find it in its place, at his own pace, at his age where his game evolves. Against Lyon, it was obviously not good 90 minutes. The flashes of genius are punctual, by sequence. Of course we enjoy ourselves and the front three are essential. But it’s not the Messi that surprises me, it’s the one from last season. Even on a flash, he turns you a match in Ligue 1. »

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