Am I happier? It’s a good time


On the Today Show, Jennifer Lopez answers for the first time a question about Ben Affleck: “I see you happier lately, is it true that you are happier, Jennifer?”. At first she goes out, then responds: “It is an ideal time to come together and continue to love. For everything else, you have my number, call me whenever you want…”.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they are the love story of the summer of world gossip. The beautiful singer and actress also began to blurt out in public, after answering the first question live on Hoda Kotb’s Today Show to promote her new song, featuring with Lin-Manuel Miranda, “Love Makes the World Go Round”, reissue of the song released five years ago. Just during the interview, the presenter tries to take in counter time J.Lo: “I see you happier lately, is it true that you are happier, Jennifer?”. She at first svicola, then responds.

The words of Jennifer Lopez

The presenter Hoda Kotb, during the interview, goes straight to the point as soon as she can: “You look happier. I have to tell you the truth, every time I see a picture of you and Ben I say to myself, ‘It looks happier, really.’ So I ask you: are you happier?” Jennifer Lopez’s response was: “When I see you, Hoda, I’m always happy.” Then he manages to dodge, but at the same time to answer the question, putting the whole song back in promotion:

What I can say is that the song came out five years ago and I think that message of loving each other, coming together and continuing to love, is never more relevant than it is right now. For everything else, you can call me, you have my number.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez together again

The flashback is now official. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they are really back together and now the photos are no longer enough. The first to surprise them during a romantic dinner in Malibu were those of Page Six. At that dinner, the two exchanged a kiss. The ongoing renewal is also given by the music: his last unreleased song is in fact called “Change the Step”. A real rebirth. Included in this rebirth is Ben Affleck, who in terms of renewed lives is a great expert.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continue to see each other, the flashback is a serious matter


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