Amanda Seyfried was harassed after appearing on ‘Mean Girls’

14 years ago amanda seyfried rose to international fame by play Karen Smitha blonde, popular and unintelligent girl in the romantic comedy ‘Mean Girls’also known as ‘Bad Girls’ or ‘Mean Girls’.

Although his character, she thought she could tell the weather with her breastsopened the doors to more serious roles in Hollywood, too made her the target of attacks and harassment from her male fans.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, the 36-year-old actress revealed that after the premiere of the film many men accosted her in public places to ask her if it was raining, hoping she would touch her breasts as it did in fiction.

“I always felt very grossed out by it. She was like 18 years old. It was just gross.”

amanda seyfried

Thanks to his own experience, Amanda knows very well how hard it is to be exposed to public scrutiny before having a solid self-confidence and empathizes deeply with the young stars.

“I think becoming famous when you’re young must be terrible. It has to make you feel completely insecure in the world. I see younger actors, who think they have to have bodyguards. They think they have to hire an assistant. They think their whole world has changed. It can be stressful. I’ve seen what happens to my peers. So I bought a farm because I wanted to go the other way,” he acknowledged.

While Amanda is grateful for the exposure ‘Mean Girls’ gave her, she is also acknowledges that it was very difficult to show that she was a true actress with a wide interpretive record.

“’Mean Girls’ put me on the map, it really opened the door for me. But being typecast was what he had to fight against. In 2004, I had to be very careful not to just become ‘the pretty blonde,’” she has noted.

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