Amber Heard is guilty of introducing Cara Delevingne in the world of drugs

Some days ago, some photos were spread where it appeared Cara Delevingne talking on the phone, at the gates of the Van Nuys airport, without shoes and in a deplorable state, apparently disoriented.

Of course, his fans assumed that it was due to drug use because they could not find another explanation for these images. And it is that over the years, the model has told the media how hard she has been fight his drug addiction and suicidal thoughts.

However, it was recently revealed that The cause of all the addictions and problems of the ‘Suicide Squad’ actress is nothing more and nothing less than Amber Heard.

Amber Heard, the person in charge of Cara Delevingne’s addictions

Jessica Reed Krauss, an entertainment journalist which has dedicated itself to deeply analyzing the life of Amber Heard revealed that she was guilty of introducing the British model to the world of drugs.

Although both never confirmed anything publicly, for a long time, Amber and Cara had an intimate relationship. They were even caught on nights out while Heard was still married to Johnny Depp.

The entertainment journalist says that both they organized sex parties where different celebrities and businessmen were invited, one of the guests was Elon Musk. Thanks to those parties, Amber gradually introduced the Chanel model to the world of drugs and alcohol.

As a result of this news, some emails were released where a close source revealed details about the unbridled life that the actress of ‘Aquaman’ and Cara led. Well, he mentions that when Cara came from the United Kingdom to the United States to make her career in Hollywood, she immediately got involved with Amber.

“Amber was part of the Hollywood lesbian scene, and there was a lot of drugs. She first started drugging Cara and making her participate in her sex parties, Cara woke up the next day and didn’t remember anything”, wrote the source close to the actress.

As if that were not enough, he also said that Amber was in charge of finding women for millionaires, as is the case with Elon Musk. It’s even mentioned that the three of them had a threesome, but since Cara was so high, it was apparently rape.

However, the model being so involved in that world, in a certain way, according to the source, ‘developed’ Stockholm syndrome (which kidnapped people fall in love with their kidnapper) and began to do the same as Johnny Depp’s ex, get women to introduce them to men with money.

Apparently all the drugs that the actress gave Cara, he got it from Johnny Depp, who was the one who provided it easily.

Per se, Cara was already taking drugs long before she met the actress, and then Amber made her addiction triple worse, because it wasn’t just cocaine. Also methamphetamine, which they tried to keep secret.

However, so much was Cara’s need to be high that she mixed different drugs with heroin and injected it. That is why, the source assures, that The British model has marks on all her arms, from the injections.

In the end, the model had several overdoses and apparently has recently relapsed again.

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