Amel Bent responds to the grossophobia of TF1 viewers with class

CLASH – The singer did not appreciate some comments after her appearance in “The Voice”

Amel Bent has decided to respond to grossophobia with contempt. The singer, who became a mother for the third time just a month ago, appeared in a very tight dress during the semi-final of The Voice Saturday. A look that apparently did not please some viewers, who let him know what they thought. Grosphobic criticism, the nature of which she does not specify, but to which she has chosen to respond in cash.

“You fatphobic, it’s not up to us to hide our bodies, but up to you to get used to seeing them as they are,” she posted in an Instagram Story, matching her message with hashtags “Postpartum”, “I assume”, “I gave birth”, “proud” and finally “see you next week”. A way to announce that she does not intend to hide because she gave birth recently.


Amel Bent was also very proud to share her look on social networks, showing herself radiant in her beautiful low-cut beige dress, decorated with sparkling rhinestones. “Shine bright like a happy mum,” she posted in the caption (“shine like a happy mom”). The star took the opportunity to thank her stylist, Jérôme Baud. The latter also supported the singer against the grossophobes.

“I never stop(…) Read more at 20minutes

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