América ‘suffers’ from a Nahuelada and their goal against Tigres was annulled

Felipe Ramos Rizo annulled America’s second goal, after the Tigres goalkeeper threw himself on the grass due to an alleged annoyance

Nahuel Guzman threw himself onto the lawn of the Universitario stadium, moments before the shot from Diego Valdes which meant his second goal of the game. The situation created confusion in players of America and Tigersbecause the whistler Fernando Hernández annulled the play.

For Felipe Ramos Rizo, ESPN specialist, the goal should have added to the score. “They annulled goal to America unfairly, what Fernando Hernández does is unheard of, but this is Mexican arbitration, horrific,” he said on social media.

During the match of Day 16 of Clausura 2022, the last minutes of the first half were running, when Diego Valdés was about to collect a free kick foul.

The whistler adjusted the barrier and when he gave an arm signal to execute the shot, Nahuel Guzman he threw himself on the grass and made a gesture of pain, but when the goalkeeper saw that the Chilean striker made the shot, he immediately got up to try to save the shot.

Fernando Hernández annulled the play and gave a signal that he did not authorize the charge with the whistle, a situation that caused the complaints of the players of America.

After the annulment, the play had to be repeated and Federico Viñas was in charge of collecting, but when it came to hitting the ball it slipped and the ball went over the side of the cabin Nahuel Guzman.

With that score, the Eagles were able to go into the break with a 2-0 lead, after Valdés himself had already overtaken the Coapa team on the board.

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