AMLO boasts data from World of Statistics

President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He noted the strength of the Mexican currency against the US dollar on social media and used data from the World ofStatistics X account, formerly known as Twitter.

Lopez Obrador shared an image of 14 currencies that stood out or fell against the dollar with the following message.

“While the best thing is to see lots of happy people shopping in the streets and squares, it is worth saying that there has not been such a strong weight in recent decades,” he wrote.

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In the list, which explains how different currencies are compared to last year’s US dollar, the Mexican peso showed the biggest gain at 12.8%, followed by the Brazilian real at 8.2%, the UK pound at 5.2%, and the euro at 3 ,1%. , Canadian dollar with 2.2% and Indonesia with 1%.

However, some detractors have emphasized that in order to consider good economic performance, it is necessary to compare gross domestic product (GDP), which in Mexico is growing at 3.2%, according to another World of Statistics study.

Others saved other tables from the same account. where indicators such as health and safety are also measured, and where the country is not doing so well.

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